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All you need to know about Buck Moon 2020 coinciding with Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5


New Delhi, June 29: The so-called Full Buck Moon is back this July and will turn a shade darker for many people in North and South America, and Africa, as it is eclipsed by the Earth's penumbral shadow during a penumbral lunar eclipse that is happening on July 5, 2020.

All you need to know about Buck Moon 2020 coinciding with Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5

What is a Full Buck Moon?

The traditional Full Moon is called Buck Moon, as new antlers emerge from bucks' foreheads around this time of the year. Male deer, or bucks, shed their antlers and grow new ones every year.

This moon is also sometimes known as the Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunder storms, as well as the Hay Moon because of July hay harvests.

July 5 2020 Lunar Eclipse: What is a Penumbral Eclipse or Upachaya Grahan, check India timings

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    The astronomical marvel, Full Buck Moon occurs when the moon is fully behind the Earth, allowing the sun to illuminate it.

    Is there also going to be a lunar eclipse during the full moon?

    Yep. There will be a partial lunar eclipse on July 05 2020. A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon and the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of the Earth's shadow. Since the shadow is dim, a penumbral lunar eclipse is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon.

    In India the people will not be able to view it, because it will take place during the day time.

    The first contact with the penumbra will be at 8.30 am and the maximum impact of the eclipse would be at 9.59 am. The last contact with the penumbra would be at 11.21 am.

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