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Air strike at Balakot hit four JeM buildings, SAR evidence suggests


New Delhi, Mar 02: India has gathered evidence to suggest that four buildings of a Jash-e-Mohammad terror facility were hit during the air strike at Balakot earlier this week.

Air strike at Balakot hit four JeM buildings, SAR evidence suggests

Evidence in the form of satellite imagery have been collected that suggests that the buildings that were identified as targets were hit during the operation. The buildings were hit by five S-2000 precision guided munition that were fired from the Mirage 2000.

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India has also learnt that the terror facility at Balakot was sealed after the strike.

Moreover, it has also been learnt that journalists were selectively allowed around the area. No journalist was allowed inside the facility that was struck, Indian officials say.

Pakistan while confirming a strike, however denied any damage. It cited heavily accounts by civilians who had said that there was a loud sound and it felt like an earthquake. The civilians however said that there was no damage.

India on the other hand says that it has evidence in the form of Synthetic Aperture Radar suggesting that the four buildings that were selected as targets were hit. An official tells OneIndia that the JeM facility was not accessible by anyone in the vicinity.

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Officials also said that the strike was not aimed at causing any civilian damage. It was a precise hit and the S-2000 is extremely accurate and is also jammer proof.

The evidence gathered is under classified category and it is now entirely up to the government to release the proof or not, an official explained.

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