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After peacocks, let’s talk about sex life of 1.3 billion brahmachari Indians

By Oneindia Staff Writer

New Delhi, June 2: In our Hindu rashtra (nation), everything is about purity and sex definitely is unholy. The taboo subject is cringe-worthy. Right? That is why every Indian man wants a virgin as a bride and now, even peacocks are brahmachari (celibate) and peahens drink "tears" of their male partners instead of copulation to breed.

The "peacocks are celibate" comment from a former judge of the Rajasthan High Court, Mahesh Sharma, who on his last day at work on Wednesday, decided to teach Indians a great "scientific" lesson on the national bird's "unique" style of procreation causing national recreation.


Sharma with his peacock analogy stressed the point that cow, which is far more "pious" than celibate peacock, deserves to be made the national animal of India.

Does it mean that cows also don't mate with bulls to produce calves? In Justice Sharma's book of biology, we might end up getting gyan (knowledge) like India which is all set to become the world's most populous country by 2022--surpassing hostile neighbour China--is going to achieve the feat without country's men and women ever indulging in sex.

So, babies are god's gifts and they come from heaven, as our parents have told us when we were young to satisfy our curiosity.

The retired judge's remarks bring forth the hypocrisy of our society where we equate eve-easers with Romeo, the famous Shakespearean hero, in the name of protecting women. Our double standards don't end here.

We cry foul and force ban on critically-acclaimed documentaries like India's Daughter--based on the horrific 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder--alleging that the film depicts the nation in a bad light by showcasing large-numbers of rapes that occur every day in the country.

While we painstakingly try to protect our reputation in front of the international community, records show a dismal state of affairs. According to the statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau in 2014, every day 92 women are raped in India. Activists say the numbers are much higher as a large number of cases go unreported.

Similarly, the self-appointed guardians of society don't allow sex education to be imparted in schools fearing that our children's mind, body and soul would get polluted by knowing things like contraception and birth control.

Thus, every time James Bond kisses his girlfriend on screen, sanskari chief of the Censor Board Pahlaj Nihalani cut it short by quickly bringing out his 'special' scissor. So, when leading men and women in films feel the urge to have sex, flowers in garden swing and touch each other softly to make the audience understand that pollination is equal to procreation.

Amid all these "sanskari" talk, politicians like Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav justify rapes saying "boys will be boys".

So, till the time boys continue to be brutes, let peacocks at least have some fun.

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