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After losing one child, this father fights to save his newborn daughter

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"We were ecstatic to learn that we were going to have twins," says Purna Kumar, adding that he and his wife have been married since 12 years and had been trying to conceive since a long time. "God finally answered our prayers and we began preparing for their arrival, but our babies entered this world earlier than expected."

After losing one child, this father fights to save his newborn daughter

But things changed quickly for Purna's family.

"Our first child died during the first 5 months of pregnancy in my wife's womb. My wife cried all night. We kept praying that our second child survives. And when she was born, we couldn't hold back our tears. She was weak, but a beautiful baby girl."

While most parents bring their newborns home and celebrate, Kumar and his wife have had to see their 3-month-old daughter battle for life in the ICU. " The baby weighed just 660 grams when she was born. Her lungs were underdeveloped and she couldn't breathe. As a result, they put her on a ventilator. She will require NICU treatment for the next 4 weeks. And for that, we will need Rs. 20 lakh," informs Kumar.

After losing one child, this father fights to save his newborn daughter

Purna Kumar is trying to cope with bills and take care of his wife, who is suffering from severe trauma and has frequent breakdowns. "She didn't even get a chance to recover from the loss our first child. She is scared that she might have to say goodbye yet another time."

Kumar and Divya work private jobs, bringing in a combined income of Rs. 60,000. "For a poor or a middle-class man, this might seem like a decent income.But it's nothing compared to the lakhs we have to keep spending to save our child. We have already spent. Rs. 32 lakh on the baby's treatment. Our family members have been kind enough to help us. But we can't keep running to them. We need to manage funds on our own now," says Kumar.

He also reveals that his wife has had to take leave from her job to be with the baby at the hospital. "I continue to work on alternate days. I can't really concentrate at work, knowing that my newborn is struggling to stay alive."

After losing one child, this father fights to save his newborn daughter

An emotional Kumar adds that sometimes, it's hard for him to even come to terms with reality. "After 12 years, we finally got a chance to become parents. Little did we know that giving birth, would turn out to be such a tragic experience for my wife. Our only hope is to get the required funds so that we save our daughter," he says.

The family has started a fundraiser to gather Rs. 20 lakh. Any contribution from your side will help them continue their fight to save their child.

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