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Oneindia Users Raise Rs 4 Lakh For Heart Surgery, Kanisiri Gets Back Her Life!

"I'm finally seeing both my daughters smiling and playing together for the first time since Kanisri's birth. We are deeply thankful to each and every donor."

After 1 year of waiting, little Kanisri finally received her surgery thanks to you!

For a whole year after his baby daughter's diagnosis, Rajesh was helpless. Soon after Kanisri's birth, she was diagnosed with a heart condition that could only be treated with a surgery. When Rajesh's meagre income couldn't handle the burden of the costs, it was you, our readers, that helped him save his daughter. Thanks to your generosity, Kanisri is now happy and well in her mother's loving arms!

When Kanisri was diagnosed with a heart disease, Rajesh was at a loss.

Kanisri was born to Rajesh and his wife in May 2017. She was their second child and they were thrilled to be parents again. When they took her for her polio vaccination, the doctor noted that something was wrong with the way her heart was functioning.

After losing his first son, this poor worker is fighting to save Veer

Her suggestion to get her checked led Rajesh to take Kanisri to a health camp led by Apollo Hospital in Chennai. The camp was free, thus helping him avoid heavy diagnosis costs. This was where at no more than 22 days old, Kanisri was found to be suffering a serious heart disease (fallout hypoplastic PV).

Kanisri finally received her surgery

Only a surgery costing Rs 5 lakh could treat her condition.

Rajesh began scouting for ways to fund his little Kanisri's much-needed surgery. Applications for loans were rejected, the family had no insurance to fall back on, and no relatives were able to lend them such a large amount.

A year passed, and yet no solution had been found. During this time, Kanisri survived on heavy medication somehow funded by Rajesh's meagre income. Kanisri was now a feeble toddler whose body parts often turned an alarming shade of blue due to her heart condition. Rajesh was devastated and lost, slowly beginning to lose all hope.

Even after 3 surgeries this 1 year old Dhanasri struggles-each breath.

Then crowdfunding came into the picture. The idea of hundreds of strangers helping him pay for his daughter's treatment without asking for payback was alien to Rajesh, but he still gave it a shot. As a socially responsible media entity, we at Oneindia are committed to helping people in need. So when we learned that Kansiri needed our help to survive, we immediately rose to action. We worked towards helping Rajesh raise funds for Kansiri's heart surgery and Rajesh's request didn't go unnoticed.

Thanks to the generosity of 262 of you, Rajesh was able to raise Rs 4 Lakh in no more than 2 weeks!

On June 25, Kanisri finally received her surgery. She remained in post-operative care for another 5 days to observe her condition. Fortunately, she showed no signs of allergies. Moreover, her condition has been improving greatly since!

"I've never seen Kanisri so happy and playful. I'm finally seeing both my daughters smiling and playing together for the first time since Kanisri's birth. We are deeply thankful to each and every donor that helped Kanisri get her surgery. We don't know where we would have been without you," says Rajesh.

Well, we reciprocate what Rajesh says, "Thank you readers for all the help, it wouldn't have been possible without you. We assure you that every penny you spent reaches the needy. Please continue your support.

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