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73-year-old Indian drives across 19 countries In 72 days, giving us major travel goals

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Mumbai, July 13: Age is just a number says a old saying and this statement is hundred per cent correct. Meet Baldawa couple from Mumbai who just lived the saying with their recent road trip from Mumbai to London.

The Badri Baldawa couple with their grand daughter.

The 73-year-old Badri Baldawa, a steel exporter and chartered accountant originally from Rajasthan who was raised in Karnataka before he found his home in Mumbai. He has undertaken long trips before but this memorable road trip is sure to give millions of travelers a goal to reach.

On March 23 this year, he embarked on the road trip with his 64-year-old wife and 10-year-old granddaughter in their BMW X5, across 72 days, crossing 19 countries and covering 22,200 km, before reaching London.

Over the decades he has hiked to one of Mount Everest's base camps (2008), driven from Mumbai to Badrinath on a pilgrimage, covered the length of Iceland by road (2015), witnessed the longest night of the year after a non-stop 46-hour drive to North Cape and has also taken a challenging cruise to Antarctica.

Badri Baldawa's passport has visa stamps from 65 countries, and his wife Pushpa Baldawa has 55. But this particular road trip has left a lasting impression on the couple.

73-year-old Indian drives across 19 countries In 72 days

The Hindu interviewed the Baldawas and discussed with them what it takes to plan and successfully complete a road trip such as this.

Before the journey even began, the couple started facing issues regarding what route they could take from Mumbai to London. After much speculation and consideration, they decided to go to Imphal and then make their way to London via Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China and Russia.

"There was no other alternate route to drive to London from Mumbai: if I were to drive via Pakistan and Afghanistan, there was no guarantee that I would make it alive. We could not go north via Tibet either, as China would not allow it, " Badri said.

The Baldawas were not alone in their journey as they were joined by 12 other vehicles in Imphal; the group in total had 26 adults and one child. The group had connections with the Indian government, which ensured that wherever they spent the night, dinner was served at the Indian Embassy. The tourism ministry of Thailand even organised a cultural event for them.

73-year-old Indian drives across 19 countries In 72 days

After leaving Thailand, it took the Baldawas and others 16 days to cross the northwestern region of China. The terrain of northwest China posed a great challenge as the climate changed drastically within a span of four hours; the temperature dropping from 24 degree Celsius in Dunhang to a freezing zero degrees Celsius in Xining. But the challenge which they were prepared for, hostility of locals, took them by surprise. In the interview with The Hindu, Baldawa talks about the longest distance they covered in a single day; a whopping 930km from Warsaw to Brussels.

"On that day we had breakfast in Warsaw (Poland), lunch in Cologne (Germany), and dinner in Brussels (Belgium)," he added.

Their journey through 19 countries, also opened the Baldawas' eyes to certain aspects, infrastructures and facilities around the world that have been lacking in India. They give the example of how the road network across the mountains of China surprised and helped them in keeping up with their daily plan.

The couple has taken several road trips around the world, and the one from Mumbai to London strengthened their resolve to drive to places instead of directly flying to them. Mr. Baldawa firmly believes that it is on a road trip to a place that you get to observe the ground reality and cultures of the destination.

"When you fly into a place, almost everything is readily accessible and uniform, and so there is a disconnect. But when you drive, the experience of a place is more real in every way, revealing the essence of a place more accurately."

Next on the agenda of the Baldawas is to share their travel stories with the world, especially with the up and coming travellers, who are exploring travel with a renewed fervour, and might find their tales inspirational. Their key message is, "Age is a number", and with a journey such as the one from Mumbai to London, they do complete justice to that.

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