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7 myths on coronavirus busted


New Delhi, Mar 26: With the outbreak of the coronavirus, there are several myths that have been spread by various persons. Hot water can kill coronavirus or spraying alcohol can cure the infection are some such myths that are being spread around.

Let us do a fact check on seven forwards on the coronavirus which has gone viral.

7 myths on coronavirus busted

Rinsing nose with saline will prevent coronavirus:

This contains common cold, but there is no evidence to suggest that it cures novel coronavirus.

Eating raw garlic will cure coronavirus:

Eating raw garlic does not cure coronavirus: However do eat it as it as other properties that are good for health.

Mosquito bites cause coronavirus:

Coronavirus is spread through droplets when the infected person coughs or sneezes. Mosquito bites do not cause coronavirus.

Pneumonia vaccine protects against COVID-19:

The vaccine prevents pneumonia, but not against coronavirus.

Summer will kill coronavirus:

This is not a fact as the virus has spread in areas that have hot temperature. Instead wash your hands regularly.

Spraying alcohol over body can prevent infection:

This is not correct. The infection spreads when the virus enters through the mouth or nose. Using alcohol or a sanitiser will prevent the germ from entering your system through infected hands when you touch your nose or mouth.

A hot water bath will coronavirus:

No. A hot water bath will not kill coronavirus. The virus lives in the body where the temperature is maintained at 37 degrees and will not be affected by a hot water bath.

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