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Born with a weak heart, Abu needs two more surgeries to live

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Mohd Imran leads a simple life in Moradabad. Like most lower-income families, they have to use the money wisely on basics. With an income of Rs. 10,000 a month, Mohd Imran was saving little by little for the arrival of his child. Like all fathers, he wanted his child to have the best of everything.

Born with a weak heart, Abu needs two more surgeries to live

Little Abu was born a handsome baby boy. The first time Mohd Imran saw him, he looked like a healthy child. "I could've raised a bet with anyone, that he looked a little like me." But, a father's joy turned into pain when Abu wouldn't feed. "He started wheezing and coughing, I could see he was breathing with difficulty."

Abu suffered from high fever and echoed the hospital ward with his crying all night. He even caught Pneumonia, which made his condition worse. "The doctors told us that he was born with a weak heart."

6-month-old Abu must undergo two urgent open heart surgeries to live

Mohd. Imran doesn't understand much about his son's condition. Abu suffers from congenital heart defect that occurs at birth wherein a defect in the structure of the heart causes issues in heartbeats and breathing.

Mohd Imran was told that Abu will need three back-to-back open heart surgeries to survive the problem. The first one needed to be done urgently.

Mohd Imran used all his savings, but Rs. 3 lakhs needed was an amount he would need years to gather. He then loaned the amount from friends and relatives and the first surgery was done.

6-month-old Abu must undergo two urgent open heart surgeries to live

Abu showed some signs of improvement, he started feeding well but the fever and the breathing problems still cause him pain.

Mohd Imran is now fighting against time to raise Rs. 3.5 lakhs for two more surgeries and postoperative care that would save his son. Abu is admitted at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, waiting for his treatment.

"Our last hope is our fundraiser," says a hopeful Mohd Imran who is asking for help through his online fundraiser. "Even a small contribution from a stranger could mean a new life for my Abu."

If you'd like to help this father, you can donate here.

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