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5 ways you can stay cool this summer season like Samantha Prabhu


Summer is here and people have already started complaining about the sweltering heat and how they spend most part of the day sweating. You can't turn off the heat but you can take steps to beat it and stay cool. Here are some steps to stay cool this summer.

1. Wear cotton clothes in place of silk or satin.

If you are fond of silks and satins, whether it is wearing them during the day or at night, it is time to put them aside. Take out your cotton kurtas and shirts to beat the summer heat. If you do not have much of this material in your wardrobe then it is time to invest in it. Cotton is a more breathable material that allows your body to stay cool when you are sweating. You will also notice a remarkable decrease in sweat itching and rashes when you switch to cotton.

2. Buy an efficient AC for your home

It has become increasingly difficult to survive the Indian summer with just a fan or air cooler not just because of the heat but also because of the humidity. Your one stop solution to this problem is to buy an efficient AC for your home that provides not just cooling but also helps you keep your electricity bill low. Before buying an AC be sure to check the star rating that indicates how energy efficient the AC is.Some other things that you can consider is the cooling capacity, the size of the AC in proportion to the size of the room. You should consider brands such as Hitachi to buy for your home and office, which have always delivered excellent performance and energy saving and have been awarded "Certificate of Merit Award for Product- Room Air conditioner" by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power.

3. Keep aloe vera handy at home

There are so many uses of aloe vera especially during summer that you would want to grow it at home. Aloe vera can be used to treat sunburn and soothe skin tan. It can also be rubbed on the skin when you get bit by mosquitoes.

4. Recognize key pressure points to cool down your body

Most people take ice packs and put them on your head or on their face when they want to cool down during the summer heat. Doing this will not give you the kind of result you are looking for. Instead, take an ice pack or a bottle of ice cold water and apply it on your ankles, wrists and behind the knees. You will be amazed at the instant cool relief you feel.

5. Samantha Prabhu suggests showers are the best

One of the problems people face during summer is that they feel sticky and dirty because of the sweat and dust. The best solution to this problem is to take a cold shower when you get home in the evening or at night. Actress Samantha Prabhu says that she sleeps really well after a cold shower because her body relaxes and she feels clean, which allows her to rest and have a refreshing sleep.

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