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3-year-old Avijit Who Suffers From Cancer Will Not Survive Without Urgent Treatment

"Imagine finding your 3-year-old son covered in his own blood and sweating profusely suddenly one morning. The next thing we know he is being pierced by countless needles, screaming in pain as he fights blood cancer. I have left everything behind, quit my job and travelled 1800 km to Chennai's Apollo hospital so he can receive proper treatment. I cannot give up now," says Avijit's father.

Archana and her husband lived a happy life back in Kolkata with their son. Avijit was to begin his preschool soon. They had taken care of everything, his uniforms, his school bag and his crayons. But fate frowned upon them. They noticed that he had started losing a lot of weight.

3-year-old Avijit Who Suffers From Cancer Will Not Survive Without Urgent Treatment

"On a hot summer day, he refused to get out of the bed saying he was feeling cold. He held on tightly to his blanket. We realized that he was shivering and that he had a high fever. Next morning, we woke up to see his pillow stained with specks of blood. That was the first of several nosebleeds that were about to follow. His pillows were almost always drenched in sweat. He would toss and turn in discomfort throughout the night. We started to panic," says Avijit's father.

Over time, Avijit refused to eat anything and constantly complained of a stomach ache. His parents took him to the nearest hospital in Kolkata, where the doctor prescribed some medicines. The medicines didn't seem to be doing anything as the fever remained even after a whole week.

3-year-old Avijit Who Suffers From Cancer Will Not Survive Without Urgent Treatment

Avjit's father continues, "We took him to a local doctor in Kolkata, who asked us to do a blood test for Avijit. My son wouldn't stop crying and held me tight throughout the blood test. His platelet count was dangerously low. We were told that he needed more blood. As time passed by, nobody in the state-owned hospital were able to guide us properly nor were we told about what his exact medical condition was. To add to that, Avijit ended up getting a lot of infections due to the unsanitary conditions in the hospital."

Finally, they were advised to take to take him to Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. It was an 1800-km-long journey from Kolkata. They were ready to do whatever it took if it meant that their son could get better. On admitting him to the hospital, he was made to take a few blood tests and they found that he had leukaemia, the blood cancer. His cells were dying rapidly and only chemotherapy could save him now.

3-year-old Avijit Who Suffers From Cancer Will Not Survive Without Urgent Treatment

"We had no option but to start chemotherapy immediately. It will cost Rs. 15 Lakh total. We have already spent around Rs 2 Lakh for his medication and medical tests so far. We realized that travelling to and fro would be impractical. So now we have temporarily shifted our base to Chennai and have rented a small room near the hospital. It is a new city and I don't know the language, finding a job has been proving tough but I am trying my level best to get one," Avijit's father said.

The family is still struggling to pay back the loans that they have borrowed, with the interest piling up, month after month. In a new city, they are all by themselves.

How Can You Help

Avijit is braving through blood cancer. He can only be saved with the help of chemotherapy. They are in a new city and don't have anywhere else to go. Your contribution will give them a chance to save their son's life. You can also help them by sharing this story with your friends and family, or anyone else who might be able to help!

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