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10-year-old Vishaka Needs Your Support In Fighting Multiple Organ Failure

"Her notebooks are lying in the corner abandoned, with a pile of dust, grazing on it. I wish she was here, to be annoyed at me, seeing the unkept shelves and the notebooks arranged in a nostalgic manner. Her books, her prized school bag; she never really neglected them. But now they are just lying disordered. I linger past her empty bed every night; to remind myself of her happy memories. I remember seeing her, lost in her adored books, the day before she was admitted. She always used to sit by the window with a book in her hand, gazing at the foliage outside.", said Vishaka's mother.

Vishaka's mother, is calling out for your help in order to save her daughter. Help her by contributing to this fundraiser.

10-year-old Vishaka Needs Your Support In Fighting Multiple Organ Failure

"I kept arranging and rearranging her bed every morning, hoping that she'd come home the next day. It gives me some solace. It is my silver lining. I have no mental energy to answer Vishaka's younger brother when he questions about her whereabouts. Since the time she was admitted, her younger brother refuses to go to sleep every night. He is afraid of sleeping alone in the dark. What do I tell him about her sister and how she is fighting for her survival? His father consoles him, tells him that he'll see his sister, the first thing, next morning. Now it has come to a point where he looks at us accusingly because he understands we are lying. He craves to see his sister. But how can we tell him about his sister's condition? He is too small to handle the wrath of reality. He won't be able to see her living with the help of a machine.", said Vishaka's mother.

Vishaka's parents never thought they would get a call from her school. But then it was different that day. It was the darkest of the hour for Vishaka's parents, when they were asked to reach school by the authorities. Vishaka was lying on the bed. She had turned pale, looked tired and was quivering with fever.

10-year-old Vishaka Needs Your Support In Fighting Multiple Organ Failure

"We wasted no time in admitting her to the hospital. She had already been admitted to the hospital twice before this, due to a sick case of dengue. Those bouts of dengue had weakened her kidneys, liver and lungs to the core and had depleted them of their potentials.", Sanjeev (Vishaka's father) says.

It has been 12 days since she slept in her own room. Now her hospital bed looks like a permanent one. She has been diagnosed with multiple organ failure. Her kidney, liver and lungs have already ceded. Due to her dire medical condition, she has been in ventilatory support since the moment she was admitted. Her parents have already arranged and borrowed a sum of Rs 5,00,000 to try and cope up with the medical expenses incurred till date.

With her dad bringing home a measly sum of Rs 7,000, working as an agent in a RTO office, the family is struggling now to muster the remaining funds amounting to Rs 7,00,000.

Sanjeev, now feels trapped as the future of her 10 year old daughter looks uncertain, at this moment. The family has turned towards crowdfunding as their last resort of hope, to save Vishaka.

Vishaka's parents, now look forward to your help, with the hope of saving their daughter amidst the chaos she is in now. "My daughter deserves a second chance in life", her father says.

10-year-old Vishaka Needs Your Support In Fighting Multiple Organ Failure

To the readers, my humble plea;

We are humans and we will always come in aid to the ones, needy. Vishaka is not only Sanjeev's daughter, she is also our daughter and we should do our best in gathering the remaining amount for saving her. With every chunk of emotion and love that we humans portray I urge you all to donate to the greater cause.

Your little step, of contributing money to help her would be a defined act of humanity.

Remember no cause is greater than saving a life. If doctors are ready to save our child, it is our time to fuel the money and other needs of her. Let us hold hands and share money as much as we can from our end with love for Vishaka and in getting her the required medication. She wishes to survive with good health. Let us help her parents, to fulfill these wishes. She deserves the second chance as her father says.

We abjectly ask for your contribution to the greater cause and feel the happiness within by saving the soul of 10 years old Vishaka. We are all humans at the end and it is us, who understands the meaning of life and the emotions of parents seeing their child, fighting for life.

Please do help us in saving our Vishaka. She is our hope and our happiness. No child deserves to be on a ventilator. Help us reach the required amount.

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