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Howdy Modi Highlights: Modi hits out at Pakistan in Trump's presence

By Staff
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Houston, Sep 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hit out at Pakistan for its support to terrorism and said India's decision to nullify Article 370 has caused trouble to those who cannot handle their country as he called for a "decisive battle" against terrorism.

Making a strong pitch against terrorism at the 'Howdy, Modi' event in the presence of US President Donald Trump, who joined the mega event in a rare gesture of friendship, Modi asked the 50,000-strong crowd of Indian-Americans to give Trump a standing ovation, as he targeted Pakistan and its Prime Minister Imran Khan, without directly naming them.

 (Image courtesy - Texas India Forum @howdymodi/ Twitter)

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2:09 AM, 23 Sep
President Donald Trump said on Sunday the USA loves India, expressing his gratitude to over 50,000 India-American for giving him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi a rousing welcome on their arrival at the packed NRG stadium here for the much-awaited "Howdy, Modi" event. Trump and Modi embraced each other and walked together towards the stage waving at the boisterous crowd that had been waiting eagerly for the historic occasion. It was for the first time that Trump and Modi shared a stage together and addressed a record crowd of 50,000 Indian-Americans. "The USA loves India!" Trump said in a succinct tweet. He described as "incredible" the electric atmosphere at the NRG arena in Houston. Later in his speech, Trump describes Modi as America's "greatest" and "most loyal friend", and said the prime minister was doing an exceptional job for India. "Under Prime Minister Modi the world is witnessing a strong, thriving and sovereign India," he said. Trump said he was looking forward to work with Modi to make "our nations more prosperous than ever before".
12:39 AM, 23 Sep
PM Modi concludes his speech at the Howdy Modi event in Houston. Before ending the speech, PM Modi invited Donald Trump to India along with his family.
12:39 AM, 23 Sep
Modi-Trump bonhomie:
12:38 AM, 23 Sep
I met CEOs of energy sector y'day, they looked excited by India's decision to slash corporate tax. They gave feedback that this decision has sent a positive message in not only India but among global business leaders, this will make India more competitive globally, says Modi.
12:38 AM, 23 Sep
Modi slams Pakistan:
12:37 AM, 23 Sep
"Ease of doing business is important to us, however ease of living is equally important. Need to empower people for this. Only then can the social and economic development of a country take place at fast pace," says PM Modi at Howdy Modi eevnt in Houston.
12:37 AM, 23 Sep
"After India's decision or corporate tax deduction a very positive message has been sent to business people across the world," says Modi at howdy Modi event in Houston.
12:15 AM, 23 Sep
Mr. President Trump I want you to come to India, with your family. Our friendship will take our shared dreams and our vibrant future to new heights, says Modi.
12:14 AM, 23 Sep
PM Modi and President Trump hold hands and walk around the NRG stadium.
12:02 AM, 23 Sep
In a veield attack at the Pakistan, PM Modi says that India's move to remove Article 370 has irked the nation which hasn't been able to manage its own country. "It is a breeding ground for terrorism. Be it 9/11 attack in USa or 26/11 attack in Mumbai, the perpetrators of the acts have been found in that one country," he says at the Howdy Modi event in Houston. He alsos ays the time ahs come to take a tought stand against the terrorism.
12:02 AM, 23 Sep
Their (Pakistan) entire politics is about hating India. They are responsible for 26/11 and 9/11 attacks, says PM Modi.
12:01 AM, 23 Sep
Some people have a problem with abrogation of article 370, these are same people who cant govern their own country properly. These are the same people who shield terrorism and nurture it. Whole world knows them very well, says Modi.
12:01 AM, 23 Sep
: Article 370 had deprived people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh of development. Terror and separatist elements were misusing the situation. Now people there have got equal rights, says PM Modi.
12:01 AM, 23 Sep
: Article 370 had deprived people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh of development. Terror and separatist elements were misusing the situation. Now people there have got equal rights, says PM Modi.
12:00 AM, 23 Sep
On the 2nd of October when the country will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, India will bid farewell to open defecation. In the last 5 years we have bid farewell to 1500 archaic laws, says PM Modi.
11:58 PM, 22 Sep
PM Modi tears Pakistan apart in his address.
11:58 PM, 22 Sep
Kashmir has suffered because of Article 370 and now the region will progress, says PM Modi.
11:56 PM, 22 Sep
By abolishing Article 370 we have given equal rights to Jammu and Kashmir, says Modi.
11:41 PM, 22 Sep
"We are competing with ourselves.. We are challenging ourselves. We are changing ourselves and that is why we are on the path of development," he says. "We are aiming high. We are achieving higher," Modi says at the Howdy Modi event in Houston.
11:41 PM, 22 Sep
How do you think this change has come about, says Modi. People say "Modi", PM says it is not because of Modi but because of people of India.
11:40 PM, 22 Sep
Speaking at the Howdy Modi event in Houston, Modi gave a glimpse of diversity of India's culture when he said "everything is fine" in several India languages like Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam. "Diversity is unity. This diversity is the core of India's vibrant democracy, says PM Modi.
11:40 PM, 22 Sep
"First time in 60 years has it happened that a majority government came back to power in the second term with more vote share,"says Modi at Howdy Modi event in Houston.
11:39 PM, 22 Sep
India is on the path of development and progressing fast like never before, says Modi.
11:38 PM, 22 Sep
This event is called Howdy Modi, but I am no one, I am a common man working on the directions of 130 crore Indians, says PM Modi.
11:23 PM, 22 Sep
This is unimaginable, this atmosphere is electrifying, says Modi. PM Modi hails 'Texas spirit'.
11:22 PM, 22 Sep
PM Modi begins address, says "Howdy my friend."
11:21 PM, 22 Sep
Trump ends his speech and invited PM Modi to share his 'wisdom'.
11:18 PM, 22 Sep
While addressing the Howdy Modi event in Houston, US president Donald Trump says first ever NBA basketball match will happen in Mumbai next month. He also hinted at his probable visit to India as he asked PM Modi if he would be invited to the event. "I may come," he says.
11:14 PM, 22 Sep
We are committed to protect our civilians from radical Islamic terrorism, says Trump.
11:13 PM, 22 Sep
"PM Modi doing truly exceptional job for India," says US President Donald Trump at the Howdy Modi event

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