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Flasback 2015: Natural calamities across the world


The year 2015-16 marked a black phase in history as many lives were lost and properties destroyed. While this is still a warning for the human race of the adverse effects of development.

Forget climate change and the melting glaciers, some of it is entirely man made, cutting down the years of survival even further. Here are the latest few natural disasters that have left an indelible mark on the psyche of the people.

Nepal earthquake

Chennai Floods: The recent debacle in Chennai may have opened the administration's eyes to the side effects of rampant development, but at the cost of Rs 15,000 crores. While that is nothing when we consider the lives lost and those rendered homeless.

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Exemplary of man made disasters, experts believe that lakes that could have absorbed the rain water have been covered for construction. So the amount of rain water that could have been absorbed did not and the city got flooded.

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With over 425 dead and 20 cm rainfall, the city of Chennai witnessed its worse deluge in the last 100 years. Public transport like buses, trains and planes were stranded. Connectivity was zero. Help poured in from various parts of the country, especially Karnataka, offering food, water and shelter.

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7.0 earthquake magnitude in southwestern Japan coast: One of the most devastating of all natural calamities, this Japanese province saw uttrer distress when the earthquake jolted about 160 km southwest of Makurazaki, Kagoshima, at 5:51 a.m on Nov 14. Following this, a 30 cm tsunami was seen Nakanoshima Island about an hour after the quake.

[Read: 7.0-magnitude quake hits off southwestern Japan, small tsunami reported]

Earthquake in Nepal

Afghanistan, Pakistan earthquake: Close to 280 people were reportedly dead when an earthquake, 7.5 Richter on scale, hit the countries. Whie 1000 were injured, officials found it difficult to reach the remotest parts of the country where the devastation was even more. Even states of North India were affected.

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Forest fire in Indonesia: Indonesia is fighting the worst forest and agricultural fires, which is considered biggest in the country's history. With the hotspots doubling with leaps and bounds, the fire was uncontrollable and called for water bombing.

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Assam floods: With over 6 lakh lives affected and 8 killed by the Brahmaputra floods in Assam this year, the state witnessed a deluge that sought Army help. 19 districts were affected and over 1.23 lakh people were displaced, taking shelter in 177 relief camps.

[Assam continues to reel under floods, 8.5 lakh people affected]

Nepal earthquake: As 7.9 richter scale earthquake rattled the city of Kathmandu earlier this year, we thought the doomsday had arrived. We not only lost several lives, and property, we also lost a UNESCO World Heritage site. The death toll was close to 3700. Although help poured in from various parts of the world, Nepal is yet a long way from bouncing back to normalcy.

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Earthquake in eastern Indonesia: A 7.0 Richter-scale earthquake hit the eastermost province of Papua, Indonesia. Although the quake was stalled by the mountainous region, it could have turned into a disaster. [Read: Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits eastern Indonesia; 39 injured ]


Avalanche in east Afghanistan: More than 180 people were killed in North Afghanistan after an avalanche (considered to be the worst in 30 years) hit the Panjshir province.

[Read more: Afghanistan avalanche: Death toll rises to 250]

Typhoon Hagupit in Philippines: Close to 60,000 people fled from various villages when the powerful storm approached the country's eastern coast. Last year, the Typhoon had left more than 7,300 people dead.

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