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Why Subramanian Swamy's rhetoric to burn books on Nehruvian historians is regressive and dangerous


Subramanian Swamy
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently had faced much flak for maintaining stoic silence and not speaking against the venom spitted by fringe elements. Right from Yogi Aditynath to Uma Bharati, then some of VHP's top leaders, all tried their best, putting communal fabric of the society at risk. And this lists further gets longer after Subramanian Swamy joined this 'hate campaign' bandwagon on Sunday.

Speaking in a seminar organised by the Akhil Bharatiya Itihaas Sankalan Yojana (ABISY), Swamy attacked all the Marxist, Muslim and Western historians. It is being believed that ABISY is an offshoot of the RSS having similar ideology. The seminar was organized to commemorate the Hindu leader Maharaja Hemchandra Vikramaditya. Apart from VHP leaders many other dignitaries including scholar from JNU were also present.

Hemu-A great Hindu King

In crux, the whole seminar was based on singing peans about Hindu King Hemu. Various leaders tried their best saying that during his regime Hinduism touched a new high. In unveiled manner, these proponents of the Hinduism also pronounced that other rulers including Akbar, didn't do anything for the propagation of the religion.

When asked about the purpose of this seminar, Satish Mittal, former professor at Kurukshetra University as quoted by First post said, "Our history has been distorted by Western, Muslim, Communist and Secularist historians. The Western historians wanted to spread Christianity and help England to rule over us, the Muslims wanted to spread Islam, the Communists wanted Mao to come to India and turn us into atheists."

Expressing grief on the matter he further said, "Stories of true patriots who fought for India have been buried so that we don't find out what a glorious race we are and think of ourselves as the vanquished. We want to commemorate these patriots to boost the morale of the young generation".

But most astonishing is the remark of maverick leader who said that books based on Nehruvian historians should be burnt. "Books written by Romila Thapar, Bipin Chandra Pal and other historians of Nehru must be burnt in a bonfire," Swamy said, which got applaud from crowds.

Controversial Swamy

Swamy is not at all new to controversies and his looses cannon like approach. And recently he came to limelight after AIADMK leader convicted in DA case as he had filed the case against her in 1996. His role in 2G case, thenhis cudgel against Congress president and vice president Rahul Gandhi is well known. It seems he will not rest till Sonia Gandhi gets punishment in National Herald case.

But biggest amongst all controversies is his 2011 article in national daily where he had written that government should re-think on the voting rights of Muslims to wipe out Islamic terror in the country.

In the article titled 'How to wipe out Islamic terror,' Swamy wrote that "fanatic Muslims consider Hindu-dominated India an unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests" and by 2012 Islam will confront Hindus to "complete unfinished business."

Regressive statements- A dangerous for healthy democracy

The point is, India is a democratic country, with mix culture, various religions, and inclusive politics. Here everyone has this right to pursue whatever they feel like. One can't force anyone to follow certain things just only because they don't fit into their ideological context. One has right to criticise one's creations, but that is within the limit. If I utter something that should make sense and their should be rationale behind that.

It should not be out of hate and vendetta. I have to be precautions that my statement must not vitiate communal amity in the country. Such rhetoric is definitely a dangerous precedent in a healthy democracy. Such regressive statements wobbles the prosperous and progressive path of the people. It is really reprehensible and Government should take note of it.

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