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A shame for humanity: Car refuses to give way to ambulance


We have those irresponsible elements out there in all countries and at all times, isn't it? The video here gives an example of one such incident where a car driver is too stubborn to give way to an ambulance despite it blowing its siren in full force.

These kids are doing something terrible but many are supporting their act

The incident happened on a snowy highway in Laval, a town located 281 kilometres south-west of Paris, France. The ambulance clearly took the emergency path as the road had a full traffic snarl but the obstinate car got ahead of it and refused to give way. The driver was perhaps thinking that by keeping in front of the emergency vehicle, he/she would also avoid the traffic for a long stretch. But in doing so, the driver only made known his/her irresponsible social outlook. There might be a critical patient in that ambulance for whom each moment is priceless. Blocking its way is such an offence.

An extremely irresponsible attitude.

A shame for humanity: Car refuses to give way to ambulance

If you also feel the same, please do comment in the section below. Also share the video as much as possible.

Credit: By Curtis Mitchell; Caters_News; Published on Rumble

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