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This man has a special car to vroom around in city and he made it all by himself


We all love to watch racing cars zooming past, isn't it? But how about owning one of them and ride them whenever we feel?

The video here tells about Miso Kuzmanovic, a mechanic from Bosnia Herzegovina who has made his own Formula 1 car over a period of two years. Miso always dreamed of making his own racing car and he inched towards fulfilling the dream after attending a Formula 1 event in Belgrade, Serbia.

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He worked over time to complete the car and it cost him £20,000 to see his pet project hitting the road. He now drives the vehicle around in his home town Prnjavor after sweating it out to get permission from the authorities.

"My Formula car as it is, isn't identical to the Formula 1 car. It is built from my own vision, from my own aspiration. The main construction and design was all done by me. My friends and family helped me as well," Miso said.

Miso's car isn't meant for actual racing though it resembles a racing car. As its maximum speed is about 100 miles an hour. Misho says that the car is too heavy to bear a 100 horsepower engine.

This man has a special car to vroom around in city and he made it all by himself

Misho has also made his own additions to the car. While he has added a second seat to the vehicle because his wife wanted to accompany him, it also features a music system unlike in the actual racing cars.

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A Formula 1 car for the entire family? Wow, isn't that exciting?

Credit: BarcroftCars (Videographer / director: Jasmin Brutus

Producer: Danny Baggott, James Thorne

Editor: James Thorne); Published on Rumble

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