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The man found something under frozen pool ice…OMG! What’s this!


A couple of man decides to break the ice in a swimming pool which got completely frozen in the winter and what they discovered is something unbelievable!

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In this video filmed in North Carolina, USA, one man says he saw something underneath the thick frozen ice in the pool but could not make it out from outside. He decides to break the ice to see what is there below the frozen surface.

He starts jabbing at the ice with a knife and the suspense grows as to what will emerge out of the pool - something he suspected is there. After he makes a considerable hole for the inside thing to come out, we all wait with berated breath and my goodness! It's a hand of a person alive!

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And the person's gesture with his fingers speak that he is still in a happy mood after spending, god knows how many days below the frozen ice.

The man found something under frozen pool ice…OMG! What’s this!

Quite a scary experience for sure.

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Credit: Samantha_Barker; Published on Rumble

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