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This cow asks a man to rescue her newborn calf from under an electric fence


Mothers are ever protective, be it in the world of humans or animals.

In the video here, a cow named Flo is anxiously roaming about near the electric fencing of the farm land bordering the country road in Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, even while her mates are having a nice cooling off in a pond near the fence on a sunny day. What's the problem with her?

It was soon found out that the cow has delivered a calf herself and it slid underneath the electric fence, leaving its mother worried about how to bring her to safety. It was also lying there in the sun and in no way could it unite with its anxious mother without an aid from a third hand.

It was then Dave, who was passing by the place and filming the cows taking a dip in the pond, who steps in. Flo's unusual mow attracted his attention and he tried to understand her problem. The momma cow was clearly in need of an urgent help and Dave then discovered the newborn lying the long grass but was not sure how Flo would react seeing him approaching her baby. Dave nevertheless came to its rescue since it also needed milk. He lifted the fence wires up with a stick and pushed the calf from under the fence although couldn't help it avoid the fence completely. But the electric flow in these fences is generally mild to ensure that the animals are not injured and Dave succeeded in pushing the calf inside to its mother eventually. The two were happy and smelled and sniffed each other and started walking into the pasture.

This cow asks a man to rescue her newborn calf from under an electric fence

Dave then informed the farmer owner of the cattle who did not know that Flo had delivered and they tagged the calf's ear and gave it the required care. It was doing fine and in a good mood.

Later, Dave went in front of the mother and the child, clicking their photos and the two recognised him and sniffed him and looked at him. The duo then wandered away with their other companions.

The entire episode showcased a fascinating tale of intelligence and emotion in animals.

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Credit: WildCreatures; Published on Rumble

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