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Can you try not to laugh after seeing this hilarious cricket dismissal?


We have seen many a time how cricketers have made a mess on the field, leaving the spectators in a deep laughter. But the batsman in this video has perhaps eclipsed them all.

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Taken in September 2013, this video clip shows the batsman, Mark Armitage, taking the stance only to show the world what a horrible batter he is. The first ball that Armitage is seen facing in the video crashes into his abdomen guard as he tries to pull it only to miss it. He falls flat on the ground after a turn.

The fielder and wicket-keeper seen in the video are in splits, seeing the batsman's predicament.

Can you try not to laugh after seeing this hilarious cricket dismissal?

But the worst was yet to come. Armitage stands tall again to face the next ball and this time though he connects with the ball, the massive heave of the bat sees him crashing onto the stumps. A clear hit wicket and the batsman walks off but not before leaving those present in the ground bursting out in laughter.

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Credit: Newsflare; Published on Rumble

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