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US visit: Narendra Modi's nuanced diplomacy is again on test


Obama and narendra modi
After earning much applaud by engaging in a flurry of diplomatic activity recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit is now a mater of great excitement. It is not that only people of India has this butterfly in their stomach about this Modi-Obama meet, but even world leaders must have this hawk eye approach for this new bonhomie between India and US.

From political pariah to much sought Indian leader

This whole hoopla is quite understandable because of number of recent irritants, which bruised the relation between two countries. US had treated Narendra Modi like a pariah when it denied visa to then Gujarat Chief Minister Modi in 2005 with the reason that he didn't do enough to prevent 2002 riots in state. Then recent issues, right from WTF deal, snooping episode to Devyani Khobragade visa fraud has further taken toll on the relation.

But hopefully India will not let allow these issues to strangulate the new dynamics of relation between two countries. Excitement of the Obama administration can be well understood with this fact that three top members of Obama's cabinet , Secretary of State John Kerry, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker have recently visited India.

Through CNN interview Modi set the pitch

Narendra Modi must be praised to maintain the equanimity and not let rancor and bitterness overpowered him because of years of US boycott. In recent interview to CNN, he talked about all this issue and said that one shouldn't cling to the past and must move forward.

"There have been ups and downs in our relationship in the last century. But from the end of the 20th century to the first decade of the 21st century, has witnessed a big change. Our ties have deepened. That is why India and the United States of America are bound together, by history and by culture. These ties will deepen further", Modi said while talking to Fareed Zakaria.

When asked about the recent provocations to Indian Muslims by the head of al-Qaida, Modi said, "My understanding is that they are doing injustice towards the Muslims of our country. If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their tune, they are delusional". He also termed that it is a fight about humanity and inhumanity and not about any Muslim fractions.

Experts are having this view that with the interview Modi had killed two birds with one stone. At one hand he addressed Muslim's concern and other hand also gave larger message to Obama's administration.

Investment will be top priority for Modi

After making Japan, China to cough up $ 35 , 20 billion dollar investment in India, Modi's priority will be to make US to do the same. Aiming to give stagnate Indian economy a spur, the Indian Prime Minister will ask for Obama administration's cooperation on every front right from developing 100 smart cities to other infrastructure projects.

According to a IANS report, the US has shown its keenness to give a fillip to ties, especially trade and investment, to take the bilateral trade figure from $100 billion to $500 billion in the near future.

Why Obama needs India?

US has better idea about the growing clout of China as it is one of the superpower of South Asia in terms of economic prosperity and Defence. Obama administration has this idea that China can influence the geo-politics with its clout, so it needs India along with Japan on its board.

Moreover, India is a huge market for them. They have idea that India is a big spender on defence and Obama will definitely push for US made warfare.

According to a report, Defence acquisition from the country has spruced up recently to $ 29 billion. Other than that, both country will travel to middle ground on the matter of Walmart FDI issue. All other bottleneck issues needs to be resolved to give a new dynamics to Indo-US relation.

Modi proved his knack earlier

The way Modi has proved his mettle at diplomacy first meeting leaders of neighboring countries then traveling to Japan and recently hosting Chinese president Xi Jinping, it can be expected that Indian Prime Minister will again score high.

He must have the fact in mind that India needs growth and development at this time and which can be achieved only when big superpowers like US and China will support the country wholeheartedly.

Though, roadblocks are bound to happen but the great leaders are those who resolves the issue meticulously. And Modi surely falls in that category.

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