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US poll: Why losing Republican candidates are not quitting race to stop Trump


After Donald Trump swept Super Tuesday by winning seven out of 11 states (result in Alaska was still pending), the Republican Party seemed to be in a state of shock.

Trump, Hillary sweep Super Tuesday, win 7 states each

Cruz wants others out to beat Trump, Rubio not keen to quit race

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It was evident from the speeches of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, two of Trump's main challengers who failed to impress on Super Tuesday (the former won just two states while the latter, one) that they were finding it hard to stop Trump, despite putting bringing into play all the resources they had.

donald trump

Cruz wants it to become a two-candidate race but Rubio still determined to go on

Cruz even went on to suggest the other candidates to pull out of the race so that the rest of the anti-Trump votes come together to make a last-ditch effort to derail his campaign. But Rubio also made it clear that he was not going to quit the race and make every effort to save the Republican Party from 'disaster' in the form of Trump's nomination.

All the candidates wanting the others to quit so that he can hope to be the giant-killer

The irony of the Republican Party is that its candidates are understanding that the game is getting tougher but yet, they are failing to give up the ambition of eventually emerge as a giant killer by beating Trump in the ultimate count. All of them are expecting the others to pull out so that he can go on to defeat Trump and be a hero in the Republican camp. But as long as this thinking goes, the more Trump's chances are to seal the deal in his favour.

Donald Trump vs the Republicans

The Republican Party is perhaps split like never before over Trump's candidature. Its engagement with this factor also conveys the message that it is more worried over stopping Trump than taking on the legacy of the last two terms of a Democratic administration.

Why are candidates like John Kasich and Ben Carson not quitting to help Cruz?

Whenever Trump opposes a policy of current President Barack Obama, his opponents in the Republican Party make it a point to counter his ideas and not that of the Democrats' policy. This is helping Trump in cement his vision in front of the electorate of the US while his Republican opponents are getting lost more in bashing Trump's ideas. Cruz is still better off as he is putting forth his own ideas.

For Rubio, the entire campaign has been reduced to bashing Trump and win endorsements of those from the establishment who hate the real-estate tycoon. But Rubio is doing everything except for winning enough states.

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