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US preaches human rights, but what about their own backyard?


During a recent visit to India, President of the United States of America spoke about religious intolerance in India. However this time around the US has some advise from nearly 100 countries including India and that is to set up a National Human Rights Institution in the wake of the death of a black man which led to violence in Baltimore.

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There was wide spread violence in Baltimore after the custodial death of a black man. This led to several nations questioning the US about its own human rights and India too made a strong pitch pointing out the concerns regarding the record of human rights in the US.

US human rights under review

US human rights under review:

The United Nations Human Rights Council is conducting review of the US human rights record as part of its Universal Periodic Reviews.

India was one among the 100 nations which expressed concern over the human rights record in the US and even recommended the setting up of a National Human Rights Institution.

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India's representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Ajit Kumar felt the need for the US to establish a

National Human Rights Institution in order to look into allegations of human rights abuses.

The policing tactics by law enforcement authorities in the US and deficiencies in their procedures are areas of concern, Kumar said.

Wide spread concern:

Several countries too expressed a similar concern and even questioned the handling of the custodial deaths. The Inter-American Commission of Human Rights also expressed concern over the killings of African-American people by the police in the United States.

The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown had led to wide spread protests. Further the decision not to prosecute the police for these alleged killings has also come under question.

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It has been suggested that the US adopt a national action plan to tackle racial discrimination.

A research survey carried out by Pew suggested that the police are doing a shoddy job while acting against police officers indulging in racial discrimination.

Further the investigative news website, ProPublica had stated that black teens were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, compared to 1.47 per million among white teens.

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