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Did US & UK media ignore PM Narendra Modi's maiden US visit?


The US media that has earned an appellation of being the "Fourth Estate" and plays a significant role as a guardian of the US democracy has, sadly, ignored Narendra Modi's maiden visit to the US as the Indian Prime Minister.

The "dumbing down" or the curtailment of Modi's US visit after 14 years since the US Congress denied him a visa in 2005, especially when it is so influential on aspects like politics and economics around the world, proves its biased nature.

PM Narendra Modi

The US press coverage thus far has been uniformly dismal. [10 similarities between 100 days of Modi govt and Obama govt]

The major American newspapers such as New York Times and Washington Post gave a superficial coverage to Modi's visit, but not overtly hostile, in contrast to UK's The Guardian.

The NYT covered Modi's US visit on its page with an angle of the country's court summon to him in connection with 2002 Gujarat riots.

Derek Willis of the NYT wrote, "Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, will address a sellout crowd of supporters at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, and he'll do so not just as the leader of one of the world's largest countries but also as a juggernaut of political social media."

Washington Post and Chicago Tribune were also devoid of much coverage on Modi's visit to the US.

Sonia Paul from the America Aljazeera described Modi's visit as, "The new Indian leader is as controversial as he is popular, and many still remember his inaction during 2002 riots."

UK media coverage on Modi's 1st US visit as PM

British national daily newspaper, The Guardian's way of covering Modi's US visit proved that it can't bring itself to admit that it is 100% out of touch with the sentiments of ordinary Indians.

Far more so than in American newspapers, many commentators on The Guardian are blatantly racist, whether about Modi or about India's Mars Mission. Usually that is a sign of a society in terminal decline.

Delhi-based correspondent of The Guardian Jason Burke wrote, "Narendra Modi, the Hindu nationalist politician who won power in India in May in a landslide election, arrives in New York on Friday for a gruelling schedule of more than 50 speeches, rallies, interviews, meetings and business breakfasts aimed at rebooting an often troubled relationship with the US."

The Indian media "high-decibel" coverage is what one would expect from The Uncle Sam?

As the Indian Diaspora was eagerly waiting for Modi's US visit, the US media failed to capture the sentiments of the major chunk of Indians living there, or 'Modi's magic' on Indians.

Modi interacted with US media

As a 'curtain-raiser' move, Modi even wrote an Opinion-Editorial in the Wall Street Journal, with the title of "An Invitation to 'Make in India' on Sept 25 in which he had described "US as a natural partner of India", a day before leaving for the US.

Last Week, he had given his first international interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria where he won the hearts of many Muslims by saying, "Indian Muslims will die for India".

Modi's magic in Madison Square

Even though, the US media chose not to give much prominence to Modi's visit, but many of his American fans besides his enthusiastic Indian supporters are all set to give him a "Red Carpet rock-star reception" at the Madison Square Garden in New York City's iconic Manhattan arena, on Sunday.

In a stark contrast, the Indian media went ga-ga over Modi's visit to the US. The non-stop coverage by the Indian media news channels created hashtags like #ModiinAmerica, #ModiinUS, #NaMosteAmerica and #Namorica!

Japanese media too ignored Modi's visit

Like the US media, the Japanese media too gave a cold and muted coverage to Modi's recent visit to Tokyo and Kyoto, despite all the fanfare.

US media coverage on Modi's victory in 2014

However, the US media had given wide-coverage to Modi's landslide victory during Lok Sabha elections this year.

US media had also discovered in Narendra Modi a 'new fashion icon' prior to his US visit.

"India's New Prime Minister Is the Country's Latest Fashion Icon," said Time suggesting "With his shortened tunic, or 'Modi Kurta,' Narendra Modi is becoming as celebrated for his style sense as he is notorious for his controversial political past."

The New York Times had reported, "Narendra Modi: A Leader Who Is What He Wears" saying "Even by the standards of a world...the image-craft of India's new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi - and its fashion fallout - has been something of a case study."

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