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Unnao: Seer's dream turns out to be 'flop show', no gold found!


Unnao, Oct 29: Exactly eleven days before, on Oct 18, Indians had woken upto a story that drew the attention of all.

A 65-year-old seer Shobhan Sarkar dreamt of "1, 000 tonnes of gold treasure worth Rs 31,000 crore" buried beneath the 19th century fort in Daundia Kheda Village of Unnao district, and from the Archelogical Survey of India (ASI) to politicians and the common people followed his dream.

"A dream that gave birth to thousands of dreams and wishes,

a dream that sparked political debates,

a dream that was highly anticipated to see the light of the day,

a dream that stole many sleeps, a dream that gave Indian media a good 'fodder'

a dream that could have made India again the golden bird."

Much to the dismay of Shobhan Sarkar, who saw this dream, now it would be apt to say that:

"a dream that wasted the time of the Archelogical Survey of India (ASI),

a dream that endorsed superstition,

a dream that helped little known "Daundia Kheda" to hit headlines,

a dream who gave instant fame to seer Shobhan Sarkar and his disciple Om Baba,

a dream that was not meant to be followed."

On Tuesday, the ASI officials who had put lots of efforts in digging the ruins of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh's fort, near Daundia Kheda village, in Unnao, officially declared that no gold treasure is hidden beneath the fort.

An 11-day digging saga by the ASI reached dead-end and found nothing! The dramatic episode that was widely compared to the Bollywood film "Peepli Live" only left its its mark as a MOCKERY.

Had the Shobhan Sarkar's dream been a part of a film, then, it would have been practical to say that tonnes of gold could have been found, because movies are written by scriptwriters.

But, it is still hard to believe that how the ASI fell prey to the dream of a seer.

In an attempt to materialise his dream, Sarkar had sought the help of his devotee and the union Minister of State for Agriculture Charan Das Mahant, and the PMO, following which the survey and excavation were undertaken.

A report said that after 11-days of extensive gold hunting, some pottery pieces from Buddhist era have been found from the site. (something is better than nothing!!)

When Seer's dream gave hope to UP CM Akhilesh Yadav

Hours after the excavation began at the fort, it also gave a 'hope' to the UP CM Akhilesh Yadav when he said, "I only want there be a goldmine in every district of the state." He told reporters that he wanted the "seer's dream to come true".

Earlier, the Geological Survey of India had indicated possibility of a non-conducting, metallic content or some alloys at the depth of 5-20 metres.

Amidst tight security, a 12-member team of the ASI began excavation in pursue of the treasure, with thousands of curious onlookers and scores of media channels hoping that seer's predictions about the gold would come true.

Now, the villagers and seer's followers have been disappointed at the ASI's futile attempts to extract buried gold.

The show that began with much sensation finally concluded with nothing!

Gold or no gold, the seer's dream also raised the possibility of buried gold in an another village of Adampur in UP. In a similar act, people of Adampur dug up the platform of an ancient Shiva temple near the Ganga's main ghat in Fatehpur.

With ASI stopping the digging at the fort, the speculation whether it will yield gold or not, has also come to a halt.

Now, an humble request to Shobhan Sarkar: Please don't dream of "fairy tales", they are far away from reality. Even if you keep dreaming of gold, then please don't report it to the ASI!!!!

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