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These Fatwas are no joke; they do exist and make for a great stress buster


Fatwas the latest fad and clerics go on to issue them without even bothering to think whether or not they make sense. A Fatwa against Mickey Mouse was indeed hilarious, but the latest one where a fatwa directing men to have sex with their wives on camels takes the cake.

What these clerics must realize that is that some of these fatwas do provide comic relief, but then is everyone authorized to issue fatwas? The answer is no.However it would be interesting to take a look at some of the most hilarious fatwas that have been issued in recent times.

These Fatwas are the best stress busters

Have sex on camels fatwa

The fatwa which can make you laugh the most is the one issued two days back. Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria in a fatwa issued two days back says that a wife cannot refuse a husband sex even if they riding on the back of a camel.

He goes on to elaborate by saying that a wife cannot refuse sex unless she is sick, giving birth or menstruating. She cannot even refuse him while on a camel, he goes on to say.

Poor Mickey Mouse

An adorable creation of Walt Disney- Mickey Mouse too has been dragged into the world of mindless clerics. When Walt Disney created Mickey not once must it have crossed his mind that he was creating the vehicle of Satan.

While the kids across the world enjoyed the antiques of Mickey, Muhammad Al-Munajid was not amused. This cleric from Saudi termed the little mouse as the little corruptor. He also goes on to refer to the mouse as the one who is steered by Satan.

Don't speak while you relieve yourself

Here comes another fatwa which orders you not to speak while relieving yourself. The next time you in a rest room ensure you don't talk and if you do, Sheikh 'Abd al-Wahhab al-Turayri may come after you.

The chairperson of the Fatwa Department Research Committee says that you can speak while you relieve yourself only under special circumstances. You can speak only if you need water or else speaking is a big NO.

No silk for you my man

This fatwa by Sheikh Salman al-Oadah says that silk is out of bounds for men. He says that the prophet once held up a silk cloth in one hand and gold in the other and said these are forbidden for men.

He however goes on to give some leniency for the silk lovers and say that wearing of silk for men is permissible only in the times of war. This should be done to intimate the enemy. How would silk intimidate the enemy- well only Salman knows.

Women shall stay away from bananas

Well, this was a fatwa that was issued by a cleric who did not want to be named with an Egyptian website wrote the story. Probably too shy to reveal his own identity due to this fatwa he had issued.

Women shall not touch bananas or cucumbers. Well he gives them a loop hole though if they have a craving for either bananas or cucumbers get your father, brother or husband to cut them for you and yes then you can eat them.

Stay away from Pokemon

Pokemon is bad. It is crack, pornographic and is a conspiracy of the jews. This fatwa banning people from playing pokemon was issued by the Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law.

Terming Pokemon as a devil horned Jewish conspiracy the fatwa states that it is particularly bad for the young minds and can corrupt them.

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