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Terrorist chatter: How they discuss bomb making


Chatter between two terrorists is always scary to listen in to. While they tend to discuss a lot of aspects, the detailing into the making of a bomb is particularly an interesting conversation as they discuss every aspect.

Questions such as the shape of the bomb and the intensity of the same are all discussed in detail.


It was during the same conversation that both the spearheads of the Indian Mujahideen, Riyaz and Yasin Bhatkal hatch a plan to carry out a major attack on Surat.

The first time that they had attacked Surat, they had used state of the art bombs, but none triggered off due to a hitch in the circuits. [Indian Mujahideen in Syria: These chat transcripts are a must read]

The investigators had said that the bombs were state of the art and had they taken off, the damage would have been unthinkable.

Move away from bombs:

On June 1, 2013, Yasin and Riyaz sign into the chat room. Riyaz connects from Pakistan while Yasin is in India. The discussion is about the Naxal attack on the Congress at Chattisgarh.

Riyaz appreciates the attack and tells Yasin the reason the attack was so successful was because it was carried out with automatic rifles. [Yasin Bhatkal: Always a big talker]

"We need such attacks which shake up the government, Riyaz tells Yasin. We have only been targeting the common man and this never shakes up a government. Automatic weapons need to be used so that the casualty is high."

In Riyaz's exact words, "we had (sic) been targeting only general public, which didn't affect the Govt. much, and the Govt was cool after giving some compensation to the affected persons. So they should also do such activity of killing leaders. One boy from Pune arrested recently who used to say that he would attack the police."

'Can we try nukes?'

The same day, June 1, 2013 the conversation moves towards Surat.

Riyaz is angry and says, "Don't remind me of Surat's failure.

Yasin says, "I had placed two bombs myself. Have you managed to find nuclear weapons in Pakistan?"

Riyaz replies, "everything is available in Pakistan and if I look properly everything is available."

Yasin then replies, "let us attack Surat with nuclear bombs and you must go look for a nuclear bomb."

Riyaz responds,"nuclear bomb can cause a huge damage. Muslims will also die."

Yasin says, " we will place posters in Mosques and secretly convey the message to all Muslims to leave Surat for a few days."

Design better bombs:

The same day, June 1, 2013, Yasin asks about the new bomb designs. "We are trying to make timers for the bombs with the help of 2 kg magnets. Then, we will connect all bombs to a direct button. All the bombs can be placed under cars with the help of the magnets. We will also place them in trains."

Riyaz suggests, "the bombs must not be too big. Try placing them in smaller pressure cookers. This will have a big impact. We could also try fitting bombs in a cone. Place the bomb in it and then use the magnet to attach it to a car or in a train."

Yasin agrees and says, "there should be many bombs controlled by one button. The blasts should last ten minutes at least for a big impact. I feel that if we cannot source nuclear weapons, then the bomb should be placed as we discussed. In my knowledge it would have at least 10 per cent the effect a nuclear device would have."

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