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Terror in NorthEast Delhi: Is it the next Azamgarh?

By Vicky

Every few years the agencies discover a place which has turned into a hot bed for alleged terror related activities. While Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh was on the radar for a long time for alleged activities of the Indian Mujahideen, the focus shifted a few years later to Darabanga in Bihar.

Today the focus is NorthEast Delhi where there have been a spate of arrests including the recent one relating to the alleged Jaish-e-Mohammad module. There have been three major incidents in this part of Delhi in the recent past which has led the police to believe that this area is becoming a hot bed of illegal activities.

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Is NorthEast Delhi the next Azamgarh?

Is NorthEast Delhi the new Azamgarh?

There are a variety of reasons why different areas become hotbeds for illegal activities. In the case of Azamgarh and Darabanga it was found that there was ample political backing a few operatives had which helped them carry out their activities without being noticed.

The modules in Azamgarh and Darabanga had become a major headache for security agencies. Several Intelligence Bureau officials who have worked in these areas have spoke about the difficulties that arise due to political pressure. In both these places, there were operatives of the Indian Mujahideen who were related to political leaders which helped them in the long run.

In the recent months there have been three major incidents in NorthEast Delhi. Earlier this week, the Delhi police arrested several persons from this area for allegedly plotting attacks on behalf of the Jaish-e-Mohammad.

A few months back the NIA carried out an arrest in this area on the suspicion that the operative was working for the ISIS. Prior to this the Delhi police had arrested one person on the charge that he was working for the al-Qaeda.

Why NorthEast Delhi?

A similar scenario is being witnessed in the case of NorthEast Delhi as well. Although no reports of political backing for these operatives have surfaced, the police say that this area is bordering Uttar Pradesh.

Not just terror operatives, but even criminals use this area as a safe hideout. The proximity to the UP border makes it easier for these persons to operate.

This area is also densely populated. Criminals prefer to seek shelter in such densely populated areas because it is always difficult to nab them. Moreover they also tend to operate among like minded people as the chances of they being busted is relatively lesser. In addition to this this area has the highest crime rate when it comes to vehicle thefts.

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