Was Sheena victim to her own game plan?

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The picture is clear but the edges are hazy. Sheena Bora's murder mystery may have no turns in the end, but the twists in between are enough to leave a Sidney Sheldon murder behind.

While we are aware of the innumerable theories that have emerged surrounding the death of the 22-year old, this theory seems to settle all doubts.


Pregnancy was premeditated?

Sheena was pregnant with the baby of a very "close" person of Indrani and probably that led to her murder. Now, who might be this person? A baby with Rahul would not have agitated Indrani as much, not at least to the extent of committing a murder. A very close friend of Sheena is reported to have said that Sheena went on a secret Thailand trip with someone very very "close" to Indrani.

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In fact the man in question told Indrani that he was going to Thailand to meet some prospective business partners, just before the Mukerjeas' electronic media business ended. In truth, the man spent some very intimate time with Sheena, which may have got her pregnant.


Friends say that Indrani discovered the truth by chance when she was shuffling through the books of Sheena after her return. A stub of the flight's boarding pass made it clear that the man and Sheena had travelled together to Thailand. On confronting the man, he admitted but added that it was a casual affair and should not be a concern given the wild parties that he and Indrani engaged in with others in India and abroad.

Clearly, the man was not aware of the actual relationship of Sheena and Indrani.

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When the man seemed indifferent to the relation Sheena shared with Peter's elder son-Rahul, Indrani was forced to reveal her actual relation with Sheena to her third husband Peter.

Sheena shows her trump cards

Sheena seemed to have landed a jackpot when she learnt she was pregnant. She shared her condition with Indrani and told her clearly that not only will she keep the baby but also the money, which was a huge unaccounted amount stashed in a foreign bank in Sheena's name (reason enough to bring Sheena under her wings after 12 long years?).


Sheena was in a win-win situation and Indrani was left a pauper. The fact that Sheena wanted to keep the baby held a significant importance in Indrani's life, if we consider it heirarchically. What if the child was heir to a fortune that Indrani had laid her eyes on? She would be left with nothing, especially as she did not have a child of her own with Peter.

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Sheena would have other vested interests too-with this, she avenges the injustice her mother had meted out on her and her brother. She not only forced her mother to acknowledge her as her daughter, but also took away the reason why she abandoned them.

But as fate would have it, the trump card fell at the wrong time and Indrani already knew what was to be done before further damage was done to her image and stature.

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