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Shahi Imam's no to Modi, yes to Nawaz: Why his tactics to provoke Muslims will not work at all

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Shahi Imam
Shahi Imam's recent immature act where he snubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi was both shocking and surprising. Shocking, because he didn't invite own Prime Minister to attend the occasion of formal announcement of his successor and rather urged Pakistani premier to grace the occasion. He should know that Modi is prime Minister of whole country not only of Hindus or Muslims.

Though it is totally his prerogative whom to invite but the reason he has put up is completely unacceptable and for that he even faced wrath from various Muslim bodies. He said that Modi has yet not won the confidence of minority community.

When Imam of Jama Masjid Bukhari said no to Narendra Modi, yes to Nawaz SharifWhen Imam of Jama Masjid Bukhari said no to Narendra Modi, yes to Nawaz Sharif

"I have invited several Indian and foreign political leaders for attending the anointment ceremony of my son. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also been invited, but I have not sent invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Muslims have not forgiven him for the Gujarat riots. It is not a personal fight. He does not like us and we do not like him", Bukhari on Thursday had said.

His nineteen-year-old son Shaban Bukhari has been chosen to succeed his father as the 14th Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid. He will be anointed as the 'Nayab Shahi Imam' (Vice Imam) at a ceremony on November 22 which will be attended by around 1,000 religious leaders from across the world.

Attempt to come in media limelight
It is being said that Imam is trying to come into the media limelight after his call to support Congress was out-rightly rejected by Muslims in the Lok Sabha election. He had pledged to support Congress which was routed by BJP led troops. If Muslims would really have followed him the Congress must had got more number of seats in contrast to humiliating debacle.

Many of them(Muslims) voted for the BJP and that is why Modi led party got big mandate in parliamentary election. Slamming Imam, his brother Yahya Bukhari said "he is trying to become messiah of Muslims. But he must understand he cannot make Muslims fools". He even said that if he(Imam) liked Pakistani Prime Minister so much he should hold the coronation ceremony in Pakistan itself. Other Muslims bodies also lashed out at Bukhari for his ranting against Modi.

If he is acting like spokesman of Muslims why he doesn't talk about their education...overall prosperity
When he said that the Muslims have not forgiven him for the Gujarat riots it means he was speaking on the behalf of whole communities. But does he has any credibility left after Muslims went against his call to support Congress. Reports say that Muslims really don't care what Imam says. They believe that country comes first and religion comes latter. They are Indian first and then related with particular communities-Hindus and the Muslims.

So as a true Indians, they obviously won't like that someone is giving boorish treatment to their Prime Minister. Though differences are bound to happen, but the Prime Minister must be held in high esteem.

And if Imam cares so much for Muslims why he never talks about their education, growth and development and overall prosperity. What he has done for their uplifting over the years. But the truth is he like Congress party doesn't want Muslims to grow. It is because he knows that once it will happen they can't be remote controlled. It is irony that the Muslims have been misguided over the years by these people for their vested interest.

Why this provoking exercise?

He is saying that Muslims have not forgiven him for the Gujarat riots little did he care that honourable supreme court gave him clean chit in that. Apart from this, if Muslims would have hated him, he won't be able to become three time Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Then again he won't be able to become Prime Minister of the Country with huge mandate if the animosity would have prevailed. The mandate itself speak that the minority forgave him for what happened in 2002 which was really a nightmare. Modi repeatedly said that he feels the pain and agony of the victims and what happened was wrong, but then clinging to past will not solve the purpose. Truth is the Muslims want to move on, but Imam like people again and again push them back by raking up the same issue.

What should be done by Prime Minister to win confidence of the communities?

Though Prime Minister has still lot to do to win the confidence of Muslim communities, but his records in Gujarat tell everything what he is capable of. Gujarati Muslims are way ahead than its national counterpart in terms of literacy, per capita income and their social status. Muslims share in police force and Government jobs is also a matter of envy for others. So, time has come to implement Gujarat Model on the national front.

BJP had promised to provide secure environment, equal opportunity and madrasa modernisation programmes in its election manifesto. The manifesto said, "It is unfortunate that even after several decades of independence, a large section of the minority, and especially Muslim community continues to be stymied in poverty. Modern India must be a nation of equal opportunity. BJP is committed to ensure that all communities are equal partners in India's progress, as we believe India cannot progress if any segment of Indians is left behind."

So, now time to ally all the apprehension and fear of the community by quickly implementing all the developmental programmes.

Time to follow Inclusive politics

The Government should also ensure benefits intended for communities must not be cornered by any sections of society. Reports says funds meant for them are at times cornered by Government officials, especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where Muslims are large in numbers. Allocating fund and its utilization has been a major problem and that needs to be done away with.

According to a Times of India report, during 2007-2012, State Governments did not use even half of the allocated funds with twelve States used less than 50 per cent of funds. So, the new dispensation should give out message that they don't believe in appeasement politics but in inclusive one. Government must silent all their critics by doing all the required things which is needed for their overall prosperity.

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