Saradha scam: Who funded this big fat wedding?

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Who paid for Madan Mitra's son's big fat wedding? Both the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate believe that it is the Saradha group which funded this wedding as the income declared by the Trinamool Congress leader, Mitra and the spend on the wedding just do not tally.

Mitra was clear when asked by the CBI about the expenditure involved in the wedding of his son. My friends and well wishers have contributed he told the interrogating officer from the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Saradha scam and the big fat wedding?

CBI not convinced

The Central Bureau of Investigation and also the Enforcement Directorate which is probing the Saradha scam however say that they are not entirely convinced with Madan Mitra's replies. If he says that his friends and well-wishers have paid for the wedding then there needs to be proof of the same.

We will ask him for proof and let us see if he is able to ascertain the claim. We are confident that a portion of the money which has gone to Madan Mitra has come from the Saradha group, the CBI official also informed.

It is hard to believe that Mitra could have afforded such a lavish wedding for his son.

Look at his own admission which states in the year 2011, he had earnings of Rs 4.26 lakh. He has also said that his wife had earnings of Rs 4.38 lakh the same year.

In the assets column, Mitra has shown that he had assets worth Rs 70 lakh, the CBI officials say while quoting his affidavit for the year 2011.

The big fat wedding

The wedding of Swarup, who is Madan Mitra's son had become the bone of contention after the CBI found that several crores of rupees had been spent on the event.

The CBI during this investigation found that there were 2,500 guests who attended the event and the event as per the video evidence available with the CBI shows that the wedding was a lavish one.

The Enforcement Directorate too has come into the picture now and is ascertaining the money trail. The ED suspects that the Saradha group could have paid off a large chunk of cash for the wedding of Mitra's son.

The ED will file its chargesheet in the case by the end of September, officials part of the agency informed.

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