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Reality check needed for loudmouth Trinamool Congress

By Reetu

High time for loudmouth TMC to tone down
Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders nearly came to blows with BJP leaders in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The TMC MPs claimed that the railway budget announced on Tuesday had neglected West Bengal and given nothing to the State. The ugly spat almost turned into a scuffle because of which the House was adjourned.

As both the parties locked horns in Lok Sabha, the House could not transact any business in the post-lunch session, putting a blot over parliamentary proceedings. Why the dignity of the temple of democracy is tarnished again and again? Why is the house brought to harassment every now and then? Dear TMC, when will you understand that the Parliament has many more important things to do and you have already wasted its time by doing this.

The unnecessary scuffle:

As per a TOI report, "In the second half of business in the House when Lok Sabha took up discussion on price rise, TMC and ruling BJP members nearly came to blows in the House after a couple of agitated ruling MPs rushed at the protesting members and allegedly hurled some abusive remarks at the women. All hell broke loose when Trinamool women members, who were standing closer to treasury benches, were going back to their benches after having forced another adjournment with their protests against the step-motherly treatment to Bengal in the rail budget. Suddenly, the women flared up and their men colleagues rushed to their side in what looked like a reaction by the BJP members angry with the disruption of proceedings."

High time for loudmouth TMC to tone down

Trinamool MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar claimed that a BJP MP had threatened and abused Trinamool members who were protesting peacefully. As per a report in IANS, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed "indecent comments" were made against her and her party's MPs, and alleged that an attacker pulled at Ghosh Dastidar's saree when they were protesting the "injustice" done to Bengal in the Railway Budget.
"Indecent language was used against me. Bad language was used against my women MPs. My women MPs faced misbehaviour," she said.

Incidents from the past:

The TMC supremo and her partymen always land in a controversy because of their controversial statements. Latest one was when actor turned politicians statement had stirred a controversy and led to national outrage. There have been many more statements in the past from her partymen. But it's not only the partymen even the TMC supremo is known for her controversial statements.

After the railway budget was announced by Sadananda Gowda, Mamata Banerjee was quoted as saying in NDTV, "Whatever happened is unfortunate. Parliament is the pillar of democracy. Bengal has been given nothing. Are we beggars?

Bengal is deprived and insulted at the hands of the Centre's new government. In today's perspective, such deprivation and insult has anyone seen," she said.

And not to forget when Didi snapped at media persons in connection with the Tapas Pal controversy and said, "It is not just a mistake, it's big blunder. We have taken whatever steps are needed to be taken. It is an individual utterance. What do you want? Should I kill him? What can I do?

Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, a senior leader of Mamata Banerjee's party, who has alleged that she was molested by BJP members, had in connection with the Park Street case (where a woman was raped by five men after she exited a nightclub) said that, "It was not a case of sexual assault but a misunderstanding during a deal between a woman and her client."

Think before you speak:

These incidents (although there are many more) prove that TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee has never made attempts to curb its loud mouth MPs and MLAs. They should be reminded that the decorum of the House should be maintained.

Parliamentarians are expected to observe a certain standard of conduct, both inside and outside the house in order to maintain the highest traditions in Parliamentary life. Their actions should not be contrary to the usage, or derogatory to the dignity of the House or in any way inconsistent with the standards which Parliament is entitled to expect from its members. It is ironical that Mamata who feels that the Parliament is the pillar of democracy is not able to teach the same to her partymen.

It's high time for the loudmouth party to tone down and stop fighting over these petty issues. Rather it should work for betterment of its people and assure them a safe and secure life in the state.

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