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Rahul Gandhi is a tonic that few can gulp down their throat, yet many (read Congress) bear the taste


Have you seen a child throwing tantrums in the market when he wants a particular toy desperately? Rahul Gandhi reminds one of that. Even after cutting a 'sorry' face after the MNREGA faltering in the Parliament and the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, Rahul is unstoppable.

Making blunder after blunder after blunder, he has turned into an inconsolable and arrogant child who refuses to understand the bigger picture over personal interest.

Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi

He will not be the CM candidate for the party in UP for sure and how the Congress has justified its decision is unique. The fact that he holds a 'National' designation is stopping him from being the CM candidate. But is he really acting as the party vice-President, especially when he gets to take decisions only when his mother is ill.

But, he brews up blunder

Remember the way he was seen goofing around his mum when she was regretting the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014?

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That was enough for party members to mount posters in Allahabad demanding the removal of Rahul Gandhi as No 2 in th eparty hierarchy and be replaced by her younger sister Priyanka Gandhi. Party cadre has been carrying the weight of the shameful performance in the Lok Sabha elections, which got it just 42 parliamentary seats, thanks to Rahul Gandhi.

The buzz can be heard from within the high ranks of the Congress quarters too. For instance, Digvijay Singh sought Rahul's action after the big defeat. He said, "Because the time for introspection is long past. Today's results disappointing but not unexpected. We have done enough introspection. Shouldn't we go for a major surgery."

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In fact, Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor too stopped short of asking Congress President to ask her son to step down as the party vice-president and make way for others.

The Assam Killer

Rahul Gandhi, after killing the General elections, has now been coined the Assam killer. He is also said to have misbehaved with his own men. Congressman-turned-BJP strategist Himanta Biswa Sarma once said that he was treated shabbily by Rahul Gandhi when he went to meet him 2 years ago, demanding a change in the Assam leadership under Tarun Gogoi.

Rahul can never be found when the party needs his help in settling troubled situations.

With the approaching UP elections next year, it was suggested that Rahul moves to Lucknow and stay there till the elections are held next year. This way, th eparty will get a major morale boost even if he is not made the CM candidate.

However, there are high chances that he will not listen as was the case in 2012 assembly elections in UP. He could not be advised on anything that time. While Priyanka Gandhi helped her brother win Amethi, he was incapable of bearing the victory. He did not visit the constituency ever since. It is also a heresay that his competitior Smriti Irani is gradually becoming popular here as she meets the people regularly and also remember their names.

The war of ideologies

Congress will god own because of his ideological differences within the party. But nobody can say anything, not only because the party pays the salary and it is run by the Gandhi scion's mother, but also because few like Jairam Ramesh believe that Rahul can be transformed completely if he is given the batton completely.

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If he is elevated to the top seat, the responsibility will bring focus and allow him to take decisions . Apart from party elections at the grassroots, Rahul would create his own team with young people like Sachin Pilot from Rajasthan, Jyotiraditya Scindhia in Madhya Pradesh.

However, Sonia is afraid of the outcome as she may be uncertain how Rahul will use the power in his hands and whether he takes several half-measures that would cost the party even more.

Whatever the case be, it is high time that Rahul Gandhi should understand that there is a limit to failures, mistakes and introspections and that he is not a natural like his father or sister. He should now stand aside and watch the party grow under seasoned and matured politicians.

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