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Prakash Javadekar on India’s Efforts to Combat Climate Change

By Lisa

The Paris Agreement has been signed by 171 countries in New York. Speaking at the High-Level Signing ceremony at UN General Assembly, Minister of State of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar said that the ratification of IInd commitment period of Kyoto is urgent and needs to be done immediately.

He urged the developed world to take enhanced targets for 2016-2020. "There cannot be 'Action Holiday", Mr. Javadekar said. The Minister reiterated that if the world follows India on taxing the production of coal, the $100 billion can easily be collected easily for funding efforts to combat climate change.

prakash javadekar

Prakash Javadekar on India's efforts:

Mr. Prakash Javadekar during his speech mentioned how India is working towards meeting its goal to combat climate change. He said that the government has taxed polluting vehicles and is providing subsidy for electric and hybrid vehicles.

He said that the agreement highlights the benefits of 'Sustainable Lifestyle'. He pointed out that India will reduce emission intensity by 35%, build 40% capacity for power generation from non-fossil fuels, create additional carbon sink of 2.5 billion tonnes and invest in reducing vulnerability and enhancing adaptation to Climate Change.

Quotes from Mr. Prakash Javadekar's speech:

"On this Earth Day, we have made History. 171 countries have signed the Paris agreement. It is the triumph of collective wisdom."

"The Agreement explicitly highlights the benefits of 'Sustainable Lifestyle'. We have to stop extravagant consumption. If we continue in the same way, we will require 3 planets, and we have, only 1."

"This is an impetus for operationalising our vision of 'Climate Justice', enshrined in the Preamble of the Paris Agreement. Full application will ensure that developing world and poor people get justice under the current climate regime."

"We have undertaken a huge Renewable energy programme of 175 GW. I am happy to announce that we have already achieved 40 GW."

"Urban Public Transport which is presently 300 KM and 2 million passengers, will increase to 1300 KM and 10 million passengers in 3 years."

"For afforestation we are providing $ 10 billion in next 5 years."

"We are replacing energy inefficient pumps with efficient pumps, and we will give it free to our farmers."

"Ratification of Paris will happen quickly. But ratification of IInd commitment period of Kyoto is urgent and needs to be done immediately. Developed world must take enhanced targets for 2016-2020. There cannot be 'Action Holiday.'"

"We should cooperate Clean Actions, competitiveness concerns should not overshadow our common resolve to build a sustainable future."

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