'Per drop, more crop' is PM Modi's new mantra to boost agricultural sector

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PM Narendra Modi
Addressing an award ceremony at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in New Delhi on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his Government's stand to boost agricultural sector. While calling for increasing farm productivity and bringing prosperity to farmers, he spoke of Government's roadmap for development in the agricultural sector. Given below are the major points raised by PM Modi.

'Per drop, more crop'

Among other innovative ideas, Modi spoke of 'per drop, more crop'. He said, 'Per drop, more crop can become our mission statement so that a farmer has awareness of water conservation." He said that awareness drive to ensure that not even a drop goes waste must be carried out.

He further said, "There is often a clash between water cycle and weather cycle. Water is the gift of God. We need to learn how to preserve this gift." He said that adequate synchronisation is mandatory to ensure there is enough water for getting crops.

Giving the example of Mahatma Gandhi, and his commitment towards water conservation, the Prime Minister asked agricultural scientists to work for more efficient ways of water conservation and irrigation (jal sanchay se jal seenchan)

'Per drop, more crop' is a slogan which encourage the farmers to increase the production by making judicious use of water. Worldwide farmers are using innovative practices to utilize water more efficiently and in lesser quantities to produce more nutritious foods.

Prime Minister exhorted agricultural colleges to start radio stations

Taking a jibe at conferences held in 5-star hotels, Modi questioned, "What is the need for holding seminars in 5-star hotels, when ultimately there has to be awareness in use of water resources?" Farmers suffer from poor pattern of rains in the country, and that needs to be addressed first, he said.

'Lab to land' - taking scientific research to successful interventions

"Farmers should benefit from technological up-gradation for improving yield," said Prime Minister in his address. He said progressive farmers are the real talent who along with expertise and innovations of agricultural institutes can yield fruitful results. PM said agricultural colleges could help farmers in many ways. He said they could guide and train farmers on many issues.

Modi said since farmers listened to the radio a lot, the programmes run by students could prove beneficial. "Our agricultural colleges can have their own radio stations because the farmer often listens to the radio."

He called for a digitized database of all agricultural research in the country. He said young educated and progressive farmers and agricultural research scholars can together form a talent pool in all districts of the country.

Blue revolution

The Prime Minister also called for "a revolution" in the fisheries sector. He said, "We talk of Green Revolution and White Revolution but we need to look at Blue Revolution, in fisheries. There is great scope for development there."

He also pitched for more research and promotion of coastal seaweeds, saying it is a profitable business for fishermen.

"Less land, less time, more crop"

Modi said since demand is increasing, and land available will not rise, the focus has to be on soil fertility.

"Except increasing productivity per hectare we have no choice. We also have to quicken the pace and ensure there is no erosion in quality."

Herbal medicines:

He also spoke about developing herbal medicines in the country. Modi said, "Both China and India have the Himalayas. But China has gone ahead in developing herbal medicines."

"What new can we do with our medicine plants so that there is maximum utilisation? asked Modi.

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