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From 'concocted' Park Street rape to 'firecracker' burst in Belur Math: Bengal's denial continues

By Shubham

The Bengali mind loves to live in a state of denial, even if it comes at a cost. Is it not ready to think beyond Rabindranath Tagore, Leftism, fish curry and Sourav Ganguly? The trend says it has given up all hopes and is just about spending the days for the Apocalypse. [Bangladeshi infiltrators: Bengal will be eaten up by the Frankenstein it created]

For a Bengali mind, does anything else look as attractive as Trinamool versus CPM debate?

Just have a look at the pathetic state of affairs in the state which was once a leader in various fields, be it education, health or culture. From the ruler to the ruled to the opposition and the media, the focus of entire Bengal is glued to petty politics and shallow discipline like cricket (thanks to Ganguly) and sub-standard football (thanks to the sentiments of the infamous Partition). [For those who think Belur Math blast was just firecrackers: What exactly is a terror attack?]


Every debate in Bengal's popular circles is confined to some worthless Tu Tu Main Main between CPI(M) and Trinamool supporters (BJP has taken over the former more nowadays). [Belur Math blast: Chocolate bomb laced with ammonium nitrate, fuel oil]

Whether it is a rape or Bangladeshi infiltration or a blast, Bengalis are happy living in a state of denial

But when there are instances of rape in a posh locality of the state capital or inside a convent school or the growing instances of potato farmers' suicide or the rising influx of Bangladeshis or a blast in a famous tourism centre, the noise-makers begin to play a role convenient to themselves.

The state government calls the Park Street rape a 'concocted story' and plays down the farmers' suicides as consequences of domestic trouble.

The Bangladeshi infiltration issue becomes a prestige battle with the Centre even if the infiltrators continue to grow as a Frankenstein that could gobble up its own creator while some low-intensity blasts in Belur Math are made insignificant by labelling them as firecrackers.

Why behave like an Ostrich when there is a real danger looming?

Why does the Bengali establishment prefer to behave like an ostrich even if these issues pose grave threat to its own people?

One simple answer could be the crippled capacity to think big. The Bengalis love their seclusion and are afraid to think themselves to be the part of a problem or rather a problem to be a part of their lives. So forget everything and live as if nothing has happened.

Even the opposition in coma didn't feel to focus on the Belur Math issue; everybody is busy with some insignificant civic poll

The way the local media in Bengal as well as the opposition, which desperately needs some oxygen ahead of the crucial polls lined up ahead, overlooked the Belur Math blast is simply unbelievable. Even if it is a firecracker, was there no responsibility of the media to highlight the security breach at the heritage site?

Did political parties really take Belur Math blast issue casually or was there an interest they didn't want to hurt?

Why didn't even the political parties, Trinamool or CPI(M) speak an word on this episode? Were they really busy with the upcoming civic polls or is there some other interest that the vote-bank mongers didn't want to hurt?

A pseudo-progressive mind never upgrades itself

Whatever it is, the series of shockers only prove that the claims of progressiveness that the Bengalis often feel proud about never live up to the expectations.

Issue like terrorism is yet alien to Bengalis who love an intellectual seclusion

They feel no Gujarat can happen in Bengal but when the majority community is attacked in some remote corner of the state, they conveniently ignore that, perhaps thinking it not to be that critical for their 'valued' faculty.

This hypocrisy is going to prove very very costly one day. And it will be too late to amend things then.

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