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Non Muslims won't be killed if Sharia law is followed, says Ansar al-Islam

By Vicky

The Ansar al-Islam which considers itself as a brother of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent has warned that there will more killings in the days to come. The warning comes in the wake of bloggers and atheists being targeted in Bangladesh.

The gory warning by the Ansar suggests that they will increase their areas of operation. Apart from atheists and bloggers questioning their faith more people will be killed the Ansar-al-Islam has warned.

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Ansar al-Islam warns bloggers

Blog if you want, but do not insult

The Ansar which is threatening to be major headache for the security agencies in Bangladesh says that everyone has a right to blog or be an atheist. However none have the right to question or insult the Prophet the message from the Ansar also states.

"We have no problem with the atheists bloggers, atheism or with other religions or belief but we will not tolerate anyone insulting our Prophet Muhammad. We are targeting those who are insulting our Prophet Muhammad in the name of atheism, the Ansar says.

Follow the Sharia law

You may be a teacher, scholar, a judge or an advocate. But that does not stop you from following the Sharia law, the Ansar says. Those who present Islam in a wrong manner through his or her writings will be targeted. We will also target those who try and preach Islam the wrong way. You may be a well known writer or a poet. You have the right to think what you want, but you have no right to preach against Islam, the warning states.

You may be a journalist, but you have no right to try and remove the Sharia law. The Sharia law must exist and has to be followed. Sharia law is the need of the hour. None should try and advocate against it.

Non Muslims will live but....

The Ansar says that the targets are not the non-Muslims. Every non-Muslim has a right to live and think the way he or she wants. Being a non-Muslim does not make you our target, the Ansar says.

However if anyone is trying to advocate against Islam or trying to change the mind of the people, they will be targeted for sure, the Ansar has further warned.

Setting the stage for the Al-Qaeda

The Al-Qaeda after announcing its sub-continent operations last year has found the most support from radical groups in Bangladesh. While there has been no clamour for the outfit in India or even in Afghanistan, Bangladesh based terror groups have supported them.

The death of several bloggers and open minded thinkers have sent a strong message. All these killings that were undertaken by the Bangladesh based groups were in the name of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent.

Experts say that the stage is being set for the Al-Qaeda. They are trying to belt out their ideology and believe that like the ISIS, they too would be favoured by a large number of radical thinkers. The Al-Qaeda after establishing itself in Bangladesh will try and make inroads into India.

In India there are a number of groups who would welcome them with open arms. Groups such as the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen and the terror groups in the North Eastern states would be the Al-Qaeda's best bet in India, security experts also say.

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