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National Pollution Control Day: Kill pollution before it kills you!

By Preeti

Pollution is one of the key environmental issue that not only India, but the entire world is battling with. As students, all of us had a chapter on Pollution in Science books, that explained its causes and affects, but in reality, how many of us did our bit in ensuring that pollution monster is reduced?

To remind people about the haphazards of pollution, every year, National Pollution Control Day is observed on Dec 2 in India. It is symbolically observed on Dec 2 in the memory of those who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy on Dec 2, 1984 night.


The main objective of this day is to spread awareness in the industries that cause water, air, soil and noise pollution and adversely affect the environment.

In an attempt to control and to prevent pollution, the Indian government has charted out various laws, rules and acts.

National Pollution Control Board (NPCB) is the main governing body, that regularly conducts checks on industries to know whether they are following environmental regulations or not.

Health hazards caused by pollution can prove fatal for the existence of human beings as well as flora, fauna and entire wildlife.


To keep the Mother Earth safe from the Global warming and drastic climate change, it is very important to bring the pollution level down. [Develop intolerance for rising pollution: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar]

Pollution has affected the planet not only physically, but also socially, economically and mentally.

With the advancement of technology, industrialisation, urbanisation, deforestation and vehicles transportation, at a fast pace, the situation is turning worst day-by-day and we are losing the balance in our ecosystem.

In the present scenario, the countries need to understand that the world cannot become modern by depleting the natural resources and using them for their own selfish goals.


Simple practices like segregation of waste at homes, ban of polythene bags, water conservation, walking, cycling, use of public transport, plantation and recycling can drastically help in reducing the rising pollution levels.

Every year, during Diwali celebrations, the air quality of cities dip to a low level, due to crackers bursting, despite several warnings. [Diwali firecrackers push up pollution level across the country]

People living in urban areas are more prone and vulnerable to the effects of pollution, as large amount of pollution emancipates from vehicles, factories, power plants and untreated sewage, that result in the poor air quality, thus leading to health-related issues like asthama and lung-infections.

Rising pollution directly results in climate change and leads to global warming, that is caused due to damage of Ozone layer and acid rain. Sea levels and ocean temperature also rise due to this.


When it comes to emissions of greenhouse gases (Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Ozone and Chlorofluorocarbons) India comes at third number, with China and United States on first and second slots respectively.

When people buy pure air!

Recently, there were reports that in order to inhale pure air, air purifiers have become very much in demand, like popular water purifiers.

Air purifiers companies claim that they help in filtering out particulate matter like dust and pollen, gaseous pollutants like hydrocarbons, and unpleasant odours.


Recently, in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and Bengaluru, noble events like Car Free Days and Vehicle free days have been observed, to bestow their cities with pure air.

[Car Free Day: 60 percent drop in Delhi's air pollution]; [Car Free Day observed in Gurgaon]

At a time when social media is omnipresent, such noble deeds have gained momentum significantly.

[Bengaluru: After HSR Layout, "No Vehicle Days" to be observed in Koramangala, BTM Layout]

Volkswagen emission scandal

German auto major Volkswagen Group has come under huge criticism after it was reported that it cheated and violated permissible emission norms.

[Volkswagen cheating a 'well thought-out crime', diesel cars under lens]

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