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Misbah Quadri, Zeshan Ali Khan: Why is there no organised protest against the discrimination?

By Shubham

Is India a successful secular country without its minorities? The recent experiences of Misbah Quadri and Zeeshan Ali Khan, two Muslim youths who were denied accommodation and job, respectively, within a span of a week or so, prove it.

If religion becomes a basis for discrimination in the Maximum City, just think about the reality in Bharat

They received the unfortunate treatment in Mumbai, the country's commercial capital! If such is still the case in India's Maximum City, one can well understand what it is like in Bharat. [Muslim woman denied flat in Mumbai]


The media in this country will forget these incidents with time but they will continue to occur time and again, revealing the dark reality of our much celebrated secularism. [Youth denied job in Mumbai for being a Muslim]

Majority community feels ecstatic when a minority student wins first prize in Bhagwad Gita competition...

We celebrate when Mariyan Asif Siddique, 12-year-old minority girl wins the first prize in an inter-school Bhagwad Gita competition but doesn't really put up a resistance when a couple of Muslim youths are denied basic necessities of life.

... but doesn't hesitate to deny basic rights to representatives of the same community

We welcome the minority community when it shows an eagerness to be a part of the majority culture but never feel to take a step to include it into our scheme of things.

This is an immense double standard that we display in our 'secular' nation.

Such discrimination takes place openly and people are even unapologetic over it

The cases of Qadri and Zeeshan are more alarming for nowadays, these incidents of open denial are taking place in full public view.

Onslaught of the majoritarian: The reality of today's India?

The 'liberal' media is projecting these cases of human rights violation 24X7 and the majoritarian voices are unabashedly speaking in favour of such discrimination.

This is a dangerous trend unfolding in secular India. We no more have any sense of guilt while depriving our own countrymen on superficial grounds.

Movement to safeguard individual freedom and social cohesion is the need of the day

If a counter movement is not started soon to address this issue of religious discrimination in the society, then the very basis of a secular state that has been laid by the country's constitution will be under threat. The way the Indian society is displaying its illiberal sides and denying space to individuals, the need of a movement stressing individual freedom is the need of the day.

The Kadris and Zeeshans have been discriminated against just because they are representatives of the minority community makes the minority society also part of the question: Why are we dividing ourselves to a point of risk?

Can justice be delivered at any level?

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