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Questions Narendra Modi must answer now


Narendra Modi
New Delhi, May 16: Congratulations to the would-be Prime Minister-Narendra Modi for the historic win! But before you take an oath on May 18, decide on how you would meet the people's expectations.

In fact sir, with this you bring a whole lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. As what was done in the past 10 years cannot be undone completely, you still have to face questions from the very people who elected you to govern the country.

Please remember that your answerability increases from here. The BJP manifesto that you flaunted read just fine, but was not hugely different from the other manifestoes. YOu have to keep your promises and there are no excuses for that.

True, it is hard to read the minds of the people and what they think about you; but our survey in various economic strata could help you understand our demands and apprehension and help you act accordingly.

What measures will you take to convince us that you are not like the previous government? We do not expect anything from you as all politicians are the same. What will you do to build our trust for you and to prove yourself as not just an "alternative" for a corrupt government: A retired private sector employee

"What would be your formula for India's economic revival be?": An IT employee

"How will you check price rise? We live hand to mouth given the tremendous increase in commodity prices": An auto rickshaw driver

"Women's safety is the prime issue these days, how have you planned to ensure the safety of the women on the streets": College goer

"The West Bengal government is functioning in debts and the Central government till now did not grant anything to the Mamata government because of clash of ideas. Are you ready to forget the differences between allies and non-allies and work on a development plans for all?": A professor from West Bengal

"The NDA government is known for its anti-FDI ideas; if you shut shops of retail chains like Walmart, how will you rehabilitate the workers who will lose their jobs?": A shop owner

"You have come to power, which may turn off the oil supply from the middle east, leading to price rise in oil and petroleum products. How will you end the vicious circle?": A citizen

"Will the price of tea come down?": A homemaker

"How will you ensure secular harmony, especially when you have been under the scanner for the Gujarat riots. And how will you curb communal riots and tackle it if required?": A Student

"How will you tackle terrorism?": Ex-army officer

"How will you ensure development at the grassroot level?": A journalist

"How will you end corruption under the NDA government?": An IAS officer

"What is your model for India?": A citizen

"What steps do u wish to take to increase F2 economy": A retired engineer

"In the wake of an impending El-Nino, how would you couch the economy and how would you prepare the country, especially the rural India, to face it?" : A village dweller

"One reason why you should be elected for the second term too?": Citizen

"How is he going to uplift the tourism industry in the country. Rapes have made it difficult for the tourists?": Homemaker

"On what industry will he stand the country in tha path of development?": Travel and tourism professional

"How will you cut down price of commodities, LPG gas?": Homemaker

While there may be more coming along, the new Prime Minister may have to give an extra effort so as to undo the past and build the future.

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