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Jaya, Salman, Ramalinga Raju released: Pavements 'small' for the poor as jails for the rich

By Pallavi

The last two weeks wrecked havoc on the psyche of Indian citizens, especially among the poor who have been abandoned by the Indian judiciary also.

But what kind of a message is being transferred? With rape and crime rates taking a toll on people's lives, the judiciery can well be within its limits to release the culprits if they belong to high and powerful societies.

The three most debatable 'crimes' have been judged and judged wrongly.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan: The actor allegedly run over his Land Cruiser on five men sleeping on the pavement in 2002 and got away with it. It is that easy!

13 years later, he has been granted bail just because a majority of his income goes into charity.

But Huffington Post thinks otherwise. It justifies that all the charity work came to light only after the 2002 case and that it also functioned as a PR vehicle for the star.

There is more to the story. When petty thieves, murderers, activists and even freedom fighters languished in jails throughout their lives, Bollywood's most influential actor got out on bail without even serving the three-month jail, the required eligibility for applying for bail.


Jayalalithaa: Amma's story seemed to be an exemplary of the Mother's Day celebrations. People's amma is back with them. But at what price? It took the judiciary 18 years and crores of public money to prove that Amma was 'innocent'!

Shamefully, she was free all these 18 years unlike convicts running trial. To top it all, she was also the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and was re-elected thrice. Her bait was the people who have been 'bribed' by her schemes of television, food grains and thalis.

The court would have thought thrice before putting her behind bars as that would have created a law and order situation in the neighboring Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu.

Ramalinga Raju

Ramalinga Raju: Ramalinga Raju is a free bird. In custody for barely a month, he along with his nine accomplices have been let out by a metropolitan sessions court in Hyderabad. His punishment for 7 years of rigorous imprisonment was suspended. Satyam not only cheated its investors, but wasted public money for the trials.

A multi-million fraudster is on the loose now!

Judiciary in full senses

Not that the judiciary is not aware of its loopholes. In a 2014 Supreme Court bench, headed by Chief Justice-designate H L Dattu, while judging an illegal arms case, said,"What does this court tell the common man who comes before us and asks - I am thrown behind bars for stealing Rs 10. And these Army officers, who are role models of discipline and tasked to protect the borders, are illegally selling weapons available only to them through ordnance factory. Whose crime is more serious?"

The case involved top Army officials who allegedly sold non-service weapons to private citizens and arms dealers.While justice Dattu wanted deterrent punishment for 71 such officers, they were let off with a warning, with a meagre fine of Rs 500.

Ajit Singh's drama over his father's memories is another case in point. A well-known politician and a Lok Sabha member, he lost from Baghpat. Following which, the law required him to vacate his ministerial bungalow at 12, Tughlaq Road in Delhi.

Hell broke loose as Singh grew emotional and suddenly remembered his late father Chaudhury Charan Singh, who was PM from July 1979 to January 1980. Mobilizing support from the farmers, who form a major part of the vote bank, he threatened to cut water supply to Delhi if the house where he stayed as a minister during UPA regime was not converted into a memorial for his father. Constitutionally, it is illegal, but he managed to cite instances of memorials for Jagjivan Ram and Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Forget the ruckus that he had created, Singh was not even held accountable by the court.

Has our judicial system failed its people? No one knows....no one even knows how much will it take for the judiciery to be set right. If money can buy freedom, it can buy justice too.

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