Invest just Rs. 20,000 and start-up these 10 businesses to earn lakhs

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Bengaluru, Nov 3: The time is most suited these days for those who don't want to do job and start their own business. However, to start a Start-Up is not easy as one has to arrange funds to start it which is a difficult thing for common man.


There is no need to be disheartened as there are many businesses that one can start with just a little bit of initial investment from one's savings.

Here is the list of small businesses which can be started by investing maximum Rs. 20,000:

1. Driving School
To start a driving school is an excellent idea. With ever increasing number of cars in our country this business is never going to make loss for you. Especially in the cities you will find many who would want to learn driving. All you need for a driving school is a car which you can buy second hand. On an average, many driving schools earn from 8 to 10 thousand Rupees a day. For a driving school either you should know driving or you can hire someone to coach people.

2. Translation Services
In the modern time, all companies want to expand their business in foreign countries. After the advent of social media this trend has found a new momentum. There are many companies who provide services of online translation. There are some companies which pay on the hourly basis and some which pay on the basis of words translated. If you know any foreign language apart from English this is an excellent medium to earn money. You can contact such companies and earn money and also provide part time jobs to college students who can work as translators.

3. Social Media Support
Social media is the fastest growing industry. Every small and big company wants its presence on social media. Such companies need someone with an expertise in social media to handle their page. You can in such a situation start your own company and manage social media page for different companies. All you need for this business is knowledge of social media.

4. Second Hand Car Dealership
In India the business of second hand car is fast growing. One can start business of dealing in second hand cars. One can earn commission on selling used cars. One can earn easily 10 to 20 thousand by dealing in a car that costs 2 to 3 lakhs.

5. Ice-cream Parlour
Ice-cream parlour is a very good investment. Barring winter season this product is always in demand. All one needs to do for this is buy a fridge. One can also buy franchise of ice cream companies. One can also get franchise of big companies like Qwality or Vadilal who provide 10 to 20% commission on the sales.

6. Medical Tour Service
India stands second in ranking as far as medical tourism is concerned. To get medical treatment done in India is very easy and not expensive. Many people from the US, Caribbean nation and Europe come to India for their treatments. One can work as tourist for foreigners who come to India for their treatment.

7. Day Care Service
In the cities it is very easy to find working parents who are searching for a safe day care for their little ones when they go to work. It is easy to start a day care service if you have good enough space. One need not invest much to start this business. In cities parents readily pay around Rs. 5 thousand a month for day care service.

8. Virtual Assistant
Many companies need virtual assistant to handle their day to day functions. For this you need not go to office. You can coordinate over phone or internet.

9. Event Photographer
To become an event photographer all you need is a camera and skills as to how to use it. You can click photographs at various events and earn money. This business also earns lot of money once it gets established.

10. Mobile Garage Service
With ever increasing number of cars in cities there is a huge demand for mobile garage service. All you need for this is a motorcycle and a mechanic. One can provide this service in the areas where the garage is not available. One can easily earn 2 to 3 thousand rupees each day if you start this business.

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