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Interesting facts about US President Barack Obama's Air Force One aircraft


On the night of Jan 24, the US President Barack Obama will reach New Delhi in his official 'Air Force One' aircraft.

Let's know some interesting and rarely known facts about the 'Air Force One' aircraft:

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  • Looks wise, the plane may look like a normal Boeing aircraft, almost as tall as a six storey building aircraft is so strong that there won't be any impact of even the nuclear bomb over it!
  • "Air Force One" isn't technically the name of a plane, but it's the 'radio call' name for any US Air Force plane carrying the president of the United States.
  • When US President travels in the Air Force One plane, then its entire crew is referred as the Air Force One crew.
  • It is done to avoid any kind of confusion with the rest of the planes flying in the same zone.
  • If the US President travels in an army chopper, then it is referred as "Army One".
  • Two planes that regularly fly under this designation -- nearly identical Boeing 747-200B jets are designated VC-25A, with tail numbers 28000 and 29000.
  • It is also considered as a 'mysterious' aircraft as no one knows anything about some parts of the plane.
  • Even the political leaders and journalists are not allowed to ask about the secret parts of the plane.
  • The US Air force is always alert about its layout plan.
  • A lot has been said and written about how it looks from inside, but till date there has never been an official confirmation about its interiors.
  • Even if any official knows all details about it, then the person is prohibited to reveal it to anyone.
Know about the decks of Air Force One
  • With General Electric CF6 (GE) engine, it flies with a speed of 700 miles per hour from the altitude of 45,100 feet and is equipped with the fuel of 53,611 gallon.
  • If the fuel tank of the Air Force One is full, then it can travel half of the world.
  • Like any other normal Boeing 747, this plane also has three levels, but from inside, it looks entirely different.
  • It has three decks- Upper, Middle and Lower.
  • The information, in which deck President is travelling, is only known to the flight crew and not even to the control room of the aircraft.
  • Obama is always seen coming out of the middle deck, whenever he comes out from the plane.
  • Journalists enter from the rear door of the aircraft and they are taken to the middle deck.
  • The press area of this aircraft look like the first class section of other jetliners.
  • Besides Press area, there is one staff area, conference room, dining area, kitchen, President Suite, office, communication room, Lounge, cockpit and sleeping facility for the cabin crew in the middle deck.


Food Capacity of the aircraft

  • The Air Force One is equipped with special features that other aircrafts do not possess.
  • The food is cooked not in one kitchen, but in two advanced kitchens!
  • The large quantity of food is stored in freezers, that are located in the lower part of the aircraft.
  • 100 people can dine together at the same time.
  • For at least 2,000 people, food can be kept in the storage area.

Medical facility

  • There is an onboard medical facility of the advanced technology, along with an emergency room that is well-equipped with advanced medical devices.
  • Staff doctors always travel with the US President. There are 'fold out tables' that are capable of performing operation in the air.
  • For any emergency situation, there is an ICU and Ventilaor unit.
  • There is a huge medical room in the aircraft that contains all sorts of medicines.
  • The plane is checked in advance, before it takes off, to combat any kind of emergency situation.


Strength of the Air Force One

  • The plane is equipped with its own baggage loader. It means, when Obama will land in Delhi, he would not require to depend on the airport facilities. The baggage loader is also capable of protecting US President from any problem.
  • Besides many other special features, the 'install electronics' of the aircraft is also one of the USP of this aircraft.
  • It also consists of 85-onboard telephones, 2-way radio, fax machines and computer connections, 19 television sets and all kind of office equipments.
  • The phone system is said to be fully safe, with normal air to ground connection.
  • The President and his entire staff can make a call anywhere in any corner of the world from the height of over 45,000 feet.
  • There is a wiring of 238 miles in the on-board electronics. To protect the plane from wiring, a heavy metal shield has been installed.
  • The plane features electronics with electromagnetic pulses, to save itself from any nuclear attack.
  • Refuelling from B-2-bomber aircrafts of the US Air Force and other combat aircrafts give the facility to re-fuel the plane in the air.
  • The plane is also well-equipped with advanced avionics and can block the radar of enemies. The flares of the plane are capable of destroying missiles.

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