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India least bothered about farmer deaths, but croons over Choppergate, B-town scandals

By Pallavi

It was Pratyusha Banerjee trending on Twitter almost the entire last week; #pratyusha banerjee dolly bindra, #PratyushaBanerjee did what the 'farmers of India' could not- change people's minds. Similar is the outcome for Adhyayen Suman #Adhyayan Suman, @AdhyayanSsuman, @AdhyayanLover.

Interestingly, there are no lovers for Indian farmers. A search for 'farmers', 'maharashtra farmer', 'farmer suicide' and you would not yield any results.


The very meaning of India as an agricultural country has lost its way, especially when you see Indians not much bothered about their 'bread winners', but follow Bollywood stars without fail.

Was Pratyusha pregnant? would have many answers and theories, but one has to endure a blank face when it comes to the reason behind farmer deaths in Maharashtra.

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India detached from the real world

The tinsel town looks glamorous, no doubt. It transports you to a world that resides in your imagination. You wish to keep yourself updated about the recent Pratyusha suicide or the scandal surrounding Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut; of course, you have to take offence or defence for your favorite star in the next kitty party.

A discussion over the farmers seems to out of context when you are having a gala time over celebrity gossips. So what, the bread that you much comes from the very lands that are now burial grounds for them, so what that the expensive wine and vodka that you serve could have done well in buying them a few litres of watr, so what that the running water in the bathroom is someone else's last straw of survival.

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Remember Nana Patekar? When he had urged that we forgot about Pratyusha and started thinking about the farmers' plight? How easily we trolled him, calling him insensitive to the death of a young, charming girl. Feminists argued that since it was a woman in subject, Patekar cared less and how bad it was that a matter of 'national' importance was being ignored since it showed the gender bias.

Scams? good for general knowledge

Keeping a trail of the Choppergate scandal is a matter of current affairs though. One should present a smart face at intellectual gatherings and pull through a conversation as an 'intelligent' person. However, interestingly even this is far behind in the minds of the Indians, at a sub-conscious level where only a Parliament adjournment triggers the nationalistic sentiments.

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A country whose Parliament behaves irresponsibly, debating on issues that can be addressed later on , sets a wrong example. Sending 50 wagons of water to Latur and a few condolences for the farmers certainly is not enough to erase the disaster that awaits in the future.

Celebrity propaganda, media for TRP

The latest bollywood trolls on Twitter are symptomatic of the fact that social media has turned into a 'come back' medium where 'unemployed' actors get a chance to come into the limelight once again. Where was Adhyayan till now? And let us not discuss why he kept mum about his torrential relationship till until the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut ruckus happened.

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Media is going gaga over the celebrity propaganda as it gets good TRP.

Parliament: The seat of power, farmers should be happy with little

Till last week the Parliament was showing concern over the increasing deaths of farmers due to draught in Maharashtra. However, the recent development on ChopperGate scam triggered the interest of the political parties, hounding to blame each other for the sorry state of affairs. BJP shows its dominancy over the Congress and persues the issue, while Congress blames of a biased approach toward the matter.

Interestingly, none win, but the farmers are forgotten...till the next session. Indian farmers! There's no future for you here in India, if you have to survive, join Indian politics or strive for the B-town.

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