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Huccha Venkat, irresponsible media and heights of immaturity


The TRP's ill face has been dominating the Kannada media in both entertainment and news for the past twenty days or so. The red-carpet invitation for director and Kannada actor Venkat aka Huccha (mentally unstable) Venkat into the third season of Kannada Bigg Boss itself at the first place is no doubt, a 'collective medical blunder'.

The Youtube star, who is also known for his atrocious dialogues (many of which make no sense), Venkat was ousted from the Bigg Boss' house in the third week itself by the show host cine-star Sudeep as against the process of nomination, voting and elimination.

Huccha Venkat

A weak minded Venkat was sacked from the house immediately after he unleashed an 'act of crime' by beating up an inmate of the house. Venkat on Saturday, Nov 14 in the telecast of a recorded event of the Bigg Boss was seen slapping singer Ravi Murur for invoking the name of Venkat's army popularly known as 'Huccha Venkat Sene'. For many daily viewers of the show the actions of Venkat was a result of piling frustration.

Huccha Venkat, a small time director, whose all directorial ventures flopped at the box-office, appears to have lost his cool as a result of the building frustration. The organizers of Bigg Boss claim proper health check-up was conducted on all the participants before they signed the show. Maduri Itagi, a participant of the show told OneIndia that as many as five rounds of talks were convened including a consultation with the psychiatrist ahead of the shooting of the show.

Did the regional media go overboard with Venkat?

If we observe Venkat's behaviour during his brief stint on the show, the kind of statements that he made, the way he interacted with the housemates, a viewer would believe that his acts are similar to the prefix (Huccha meaning mentally unstable) which he uses with the name Venkat.

However, all the regional news channels cashed on his loud nature and hyped his entire stint on the reality show, leading to disproportionate amount of time and slots in the respective channels.

Right from his entry into the show and even post his eviction, all the channels lacked maturity and social responsibility and came up with stories on Venkat, each with a different angle, making him a huge star overnight.

The media even went a step ahead and sensationalised all his ill-worded dialogues. After his ouster, channels sought reactions from Venkat tactically to bring forth controversial and sensational remarks.

It maybe noted that the regional channels interviewed Venkat at a time when the whole world was talking about the Paris terror attacks. Instead the channels broadcasted his interview for over four-hours, which pointed out to the callous nature of the channels.

Many scribes working in the regional news channels opined to OneIndia on the basis of anonymity that a trivial issue has swamped into important news breaks. The actions of channels narrate the tale of hunger for TRPs at the cost of social responsibility.

No Normal statements

"Nan ekkada, nan magandu item songs, double meaning dialogues ella ban aagbeku," (My footwear, item songs and double meaning dialouges, all has to be banned) he was quoted saying this in many of his Youtube videos, quite ferociously.

He has been seen in many videos criticising film-goers and film stars for being an obstacle in his success, in quite an obnoxious manner. Many television viewers feel that Venkat needs counselling. Venkat admitted on the show that he is an alcoholic and that he finds it difficult to spend time without it.

He has, in fact, in one of the videos made claims that the symbol of him showing a thumbs-up has been imprinted on India's two rupee coins.

Moreover, in Bigg Boss he said he was funded by US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain his army of men. What can a viewer would make of such statements on this show?

Kannada news channels, unfortunately, showed these obnoxious videos incessantly, that perhaps entertain many and dangerously radicalizes many who are ardent followers of his.

After his ouster, he threatened to hit two Bigg Boss contestants, Ravi Murooru and television anchor Rehman.

Venkat's stint has influenced even children

Ganesh (name changed) a daily viewer of the show said he watched Bigg Boss for Venkat and his crazy nature. "The celebrities in the third edition are less attractive and Venkat overshadowed other contestants with his mad actions."

Ganesh narrated that his sister's six-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter often imitate Venkat, which the family is worried about.

"My sister's son, when asked to have food, says- nan ekkada, nan magandu, nange oota beda (my footwear, my son, I don't want food)."Huccha Venkat has also become the talking point among friends, points Ganesh.

Trigger of anger- Height of Immaturity of house inmates

In the initial episodes of Bigg Boss, Venkat requested the female celebrities not to wear short clothes. When the inmates did not pay heed to his requests, he shouted against them in his usual style using his favorite word 'Ekkada' and 'Nan Magandu'.

It is unnecessary in this article to elaborate on someone's dressing, as it is purely a personal choice.

Besides, Huccha Venkat, had a heated exchange with Master Anand for mimicking him in a derogatory way. Venkat threatened Anand and said, "If you come out of the show, my men will behead you."

Many viewers enjoyed the episode too. As soon the contestants realised and understood his loud nature, he was targeted for his acts. Ravi Murur, in one of the episodes was seen chiding for Venkat's complete absence in a task assigned to them by Bigg Boss.

"He was targeted every day for some or the other reason, and Tsunami Kitti (inmate) often taunted Venkat for his threats," said Rajeev, another regular viewer of the Bigg Boss. Huccha Venkat felt alienated due to the behaviour of the inmates towards him and this has had a huge impact on his mind.

Many in the show were seen taunting and teasing Venkat. This could be analysed as the key reason for Venkat raise his hand at Ravi, observes Rajeev.

He contended that Venkat went into absolute silence after 15 days, involving in the task, though in a few he was reluctant.

The house mates seemingly provoked Venkat to a level, which reached its worst form. "Had Ravi Murooru behaved responsibly with Venkat, he would not have raised his hand," Rajeev concluded.

This displays that if the inmates had not resorted to a verbal duel with Venkat and dealt with the entire scenario with patience, Venkat would still be on the show.

Time to introspect

The roping in of Venkat to the show points at irresponsibility of the organizers. The persona of the man, looking at all dimensions, does not fit the civilized world. It appears, Venkat is in need of help to better his perception and decision making abilities. And it is time for the entertainment and news channels to introspect, at least in coming days to provide quality programs.


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