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Happy birthday Dada, but let's not forget the other Sourav

By Shubham

India's former cricket captain turned 42 on Tuesday. Congratulations Dada! You have made India, in general, and the Bengali, in particular, proud. But on the occasion of your 42nd birth anniversary, we are feeling more compelled to think about another Sourav, 23 years younger than you, who was ruthlessly killed by the liquor mafia, alleged members of the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, for protesting against illegal activities in his village.

Honourable MP threatens and then the disaster happens

West Bengal hasn't seen such a gruesome incident in recent times. And as usual in the state's administration in the recent times, the culprits are yet to be nabbed. Compare it to the open threats for rape and murder by a TMC MP in another village in the state a few days ago and the honourable chief minister's letting him off with a rebuke of an elder sister, the present day affairs in the state become as clear as the day.

West Bengal is a state which has an unprecedented level of rural violence

West Bengal is a state where the urban mind looks stable, gentlemanly, educated and mature but when one looks at its rural side, there are not many states in the country which can match the same blood-spilling that it witnesses on a regular basis. This is not an innovation of the TMC, however. The credibility for turning rural Bengal into a hotbed of violence squarely goes to the previous Left Front regime which had put into place an extensive strategy to politicize the nooks and corners of the state for its own electoral benefits.

The extreme outcomes of 'us' vs 'they' culture are showing

The drive of politicization was ruthless for it never allowed any democratic standard or practice to settle in. In rural Bengal, it was either ‘us' or ‘nothing'. The practice still continues, the change of the colour of the political clout notwithstanding. Even Sourav Ganguly, the biggest icon of contemporary West Bengal, was made a victim of the ‘us' or ‘they' politics a few years ago after a Kolkata-based team won a popular corporate cricket tournament.

The top leadership's callous attitude has pushed the state to the brink

Fresh youth like Sourav Chakraborty paid the price for the dangerous choice today's top political leadership in Bengal has made. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, though had spoken about a departure from the existing culture, did not practice what she preached and that encouraged the lesser members of her party and government to imitate her proudly. The performance of celebrity-politicians like Tapas Pal has been particularly pathetic for they have made it a point to satisfy the party leader at the cost of setting the entire state ablaze. No wonder the street goons and miscreants will execute the words that Pal said with precision. The result: Brutal death of a promising youngster.

Celebrity-politicians are making matters worse, yet they are needed to make the hollow leadership feel assured

Celebrities won't give Bengal the much-needed development that is required today. They will instead make matters worse in areas of politics and administration by trying to cash in on the raw nerve of the voters through poisonous dialogues. But the top leadership will continue to pamper them to feel assured and at home for it knows there is nothing much it has done politically to win hearts in upcoming electoral battles.

Trapped in an evil cycle

West Bengal has been trapped in an evil cycle today. The common people are desperately to find an exit route so that they can protect their loved ones from further calamity. But is there a way?

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