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From buffaloes to communal riots: Why common man is at mercy of god in UP

By Mukul

UP: Buffaloes more prized than people
Hardly a day passes when no untoward incidents occur in Uttar Pradesh, right from rape, murder and communal flares.It seems common man is at the mercy of god in the State as law and order has completely gone for a toss in Samajwadi party ruled State.

And reason is not that the required mechanism (police force and logistic support) is in-sufficient to curb the burgeoning crime in the State, but fact of the matter is the real intent is missing.

There is a long list of such examples which proves that politicians only concerned about their votes either by hooks or crooks. Safety and security of people is at the lowest of their priority list.

Azam Khan's buffaloes more precious than people's lives

Even buffaloes get more attention than common people in Akhilesh ruled State.

According to reports, a truck carrying buffaloes was well under the supervision of policemen and bestowed royal treatment just because it belonged to State Minister Azam Khan.

Earlier, cops had faced the ire of Minister when the animals had gone missing in the month of February. So this time, the State cops left no stone unturned in paying special treatment to bovines, which were being transported from Punjab to Rampur.

Reports say that Azam's buffaloes were served with chapatis, which were prepared in Gaagalhedi police Station and fodder with jiggery. Most astonishing fact is this all happened in Saharanpur which had recently witnessed communal uprising.

Three people had died and more than ten got injured in the riots.

When asked about the incident, Sarfaraz Khan who is Minister of State (MoS) and an aide of Azam khan as quoted by TOI said, "You are talking about buffaloes. I can give away everything if Azam Khan wants me to do".

This is what happening in Uttar Pradesh. Politicians with their clout not allowing police force to work for common men, whom they vowed to serve lifelong.

And there are lots of such examples of highhandedness of State politicians.

DIG found merry-making as Faizabad was simmering

But it is not always the case, that Khaki men derelict their assigned responsibility under the coercive act of concerned politicians.

Recently only, one of the brazen acts of senior police officer came to the fore when he was found merry making at a time when Faizabad district was on the brink of communal tension.

The district was bracing for communal riot after gangrape and murder of a 17-year-old girl. But instead of concentrating in controlling tension in the area, the DIG Nilabhja Chaudhary was seen partying.

There are so many such examples where State Police is found to be in dock because of their callous and insensitive attitude.

Ahead of By-poll, Cabinet Minister said party worker to flaunt power

Without caring for law and order, SP politicians have single point agenda these days. Scoring high is their only aim in coming by-election, even if it puts State law and order in precarious position.

On Friday, a Cabinet minister in SP Government exhorted party workers saying they need not to fear Khaki men and ensure victory for party.

As quoted by India today, the Minister Paras Nath Yadav said, "Apne dil par haath rakh ke dekho, jab aap ki sarkar hoti hai toh kya aap itna kamzor hote ho? (Keep your hand on your heart and tell me, do you ever feel scared when the SP is in power?).

Even the daroga (inspector) and the kaptan (superintendent of police) have a bit of terror somewhere in their hearts when they have to deal with an SP worker. You do not need to fear anyone and ensure that the party wins all the seats in the by-elections."

According to reports, the by-election for 12 assembly seats-Bijnore, Charkhari, Hamirpur, Kairana, Saharanpur (sadar), Lucknow(east), Behla, Thakurdwara, Noida, Sirathu, Rohania and Nighasan assembly is scheduled for the month of October.

After BSP expressed that they will not field candidates in the election, the fight is directly between BJP and SP. And it seems, Mulayam led party wants to score high in the election at any cost.

Safai mahotasava and politicians junket when Muzaffarnagar was burning

People mustn't have short memory that they have forgotten about Safai mahotasava and costly junket organized by SP just after Muzaffarnagar riots.

Without worrying about the agony and pain of hundreds of riot victims, who were dying of cold in relief camps, politicians were merry-making.

While State politicians were splurging money on these costly gala affairs, noting concrete was done for providing helping hand to those people, who were forced to live in filthy condition in camp.

But party always concerns about winning the election and with their shrewd way they always made a way.

CM Akhilesh's track record

According to Outlook data, during Akhilesh rule, a total of 23,569 incidents of crimes against women took place.

Among them 8,440 cases are against State cops. A total of 1,951 rape cases are reported with around 10 rapes happening every day. Total 5,676 riots incident took place.

This data might force us to think but not to SP politicians. After even if someone ask the dilapidated state of law and order in State, the politicos sting back.

When asked about increasing rape in the State, Chief Minister had shot back at journalist saying, "Aapko toh khatra nahin hua?. What can be expected from such politicians who have such sort of attitude?

The police set up, who supposed to serve the people are mostly being used by politicians for own vested interests. Seriously, peoples are really at the mercy of god because of inertness of state machinery.

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