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Happy New Year 2015: What are your expectations & resolutions?


As the world rang into a New Year of 2015 and bade farewell to the Year 2014, celebrations were in the air and people wished their near and dear ones to have a great year ahead.


Ways of wishing changed

As the technology advances, the way of wishing each other has also taken a mountainous leap. Earlier people used to personally meet each other, made long phone calls, but with the surge of the social media and mobile apps, people express themselves with forwarded messages (except some, who still believe in the old and traditional way of writing their own messages for their loved ones).

The popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mobile app "Whats App" have left a little scope for people to communicate face to face or even on phones.

Well, that's how the way of celebrating each other has changed with the passage of time, but at the same time feelings and warmth that we all share with our family and friends surely remains the same even if the media that connects us all takes a transition.

Are you a real well-wisher?

When you wish "Happy New Year" to your friends, relatives and other closed ones, then do you really mean it or do you really feel that you are their well-wisher or just because of the sake of it, you wish others?

Are those wishes just limited to January 1 of any New Year? And then you again become busy for the entire 365 days in your own world, only to make your presence felt on another New Year celebrations!

Are you a resolution-maker?

Are you the one who believe in making resolutions with full excitement and passion for the New Year and end up shamelessly breaking it within a few days?

Then, it's better not to make any resolution and later feel sorry for not acting on it. Rather, feel determined for things you want in your life, for things you want to do in your life to bring a 'better' change in yourself and to make someone else's life better.


Things that can make you feel Happy

When the entire world raises a toast and usher in the New Year, then, spare a thought for those who are underprivileged.

Spare a thought for those who are spending icy cold nights on footpaths. It's a fact that many of us splurge a lot of money in arranging New Year parties, have sumptuous food outside or order for home. But, once, if we spend some hard-earned money on those neglected children who have never tasted that chocolate or pastry, then, that selfless feeling will surely leave you with immense inner happiness and peace.

This New Year, besides, thinking about yourself, your health, your wealth and your career, please do make a move to turn some else' life into a beautiful world.

Only, we, the human beings know that we have ushered into a New Year and the Almighty has blessed us with the unique capability to express ourselves in the best way we can. So, it is better that we change ourselves not only for the sake of our own selfish needs, but for the entire mankind, so that peace prevails on this extremely chaotic planet.

Change yourself

We cannot change the activities of the nature. The natural calamities are not in our hands. They can strike anytime, anywhere and in any part of the world.

When a New Year begins, then it brings a lot of hopes and expectations from different segments of the society.

For animals, birds, plants, trees, flowers and whatever exist in this nature, it does not matter whether it is 2014 or 2015 or whatever year. We have to make this natural habitat, our 'Earth', a better planet so that these creatures can survive peacefully, without any threat to their existence.


What we don't expect to ever happen?

2014 witnessed a lot of natural disasters all across the world, terror attacks, crime against women despite lot of protests, man-made disasters, clashes over religion, caste and many other things that are undesirable for the human survival.

For things, that are in our control and we can change, we should, individually, pledge to mend them right away so that our small steps towards a better future can make a huge difference.

Remember: "Make your each and every 'present' moment so beautiful, that when it becomes 'past', you don't have any reason to regret over it in 'future'.

Let's together all of us make 2015 a "Happy New Year" for everyone!

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