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We talked enough of Istanbul, Dhaka attacks; did we think much about Baghdad?

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Terrorists continue to hit one country after another in the most blood-soaked Ramadan. It started with the attack at Turkey's main airport in Istanbul on June 28. It then happened in an upscale restaurant in Dhaka on July 1. On July 3, the biggest of the attacks in this holy month took place in Baghdad. It seems the terrorists are in a great hurry to make this planet a hell for "non-believers" and deny them their basic right to live.

But even as the destroyers are doing it uniformly, there is a strange inconsistency at the end of the receivers. While the attacks in Turkey and Bangladesh saw the world shocked, shaken and stunned---the one in Baghdad didn't really evoke that serious a response even as the casualty was the highest there of all three instances.

iraqi women

It seemed there was less panic in the wake of the attack in Iraq, which has been targeted eight times since February this year and over 600 lives have been lost.

The attacks in Baghdad that killed 250 saw little reaction on social media

One feels Iraq's continuous fall to the terrorists has turned us insensitive towards it now. Even though an attack in Paris or Brussels or Istanbul see a deluge of reaction on social media and decorating of profile pictures with the victim nation's flag, nothing of that sort is seen in case of countries like Iraq, Syria or some distant nations in Africa.

The western and westernised media find little commercial reason to highlight the misery of those countries that are fighting for their survival. But in this hour of a grave humanitarian crisis, should we allow ourselves to be guided just by narrow selfish interests?

While 65 died in Istanbul and Dhaka attacks, 250 died in Baghdad

The helpless victims in Iraq who suspect their own survival on this planet every second require a vocal sympathy from the international community. Post the US-led invasion in 2003, Iraq, an age-old civilisation, has been systematically destroyed. The vacuum which has been created there after the fall of the dictator Saddam Hussein who gave it a stability has been filled with sinister elements that have thrived in the absence of a minimum resistance.

Iraq has turned into a free-for-all land ever since the political experiment there has failed

The idea of importing democracy from outside post the blunders of former US president George W Bush has not succeeded and Iraq today has remained a piece of land witnessing a bloody territorial battle. The never-ending blood-shedding is continuing but the world leadership has been found playing little proactive role to address the issue. It is not even feeling the pain of those innocent people who are losing their lives for nothing.

For a world which aims to defeat terrorism, this is not the right state of mind. If we are inconsistent in our outlook towards the victims of terrorism and discount some while symapathising with others, we have surely lost half the battle.

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