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Bengal polls: In Roopa Ganguly, BJP has found a 'rich man's Mamata'

By Shubham
Google Oneindia News

BJP candidates Roopa Ganguly and Locket Chatterjee made the headlines in the ongoing Assembly election in West Bengal, not exactly for the right reasons. Both were involved in sour encounters with poll agents, security personnel, presiding officers in their respective constituencies---Howrah North in Howrah district and Mayureswar in Birbhum district. While Ganguly was even seen shoving a woman, Chatterjee shouted at a poll agent even as a voter.

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What were these celebrity candidates trying to prove through such behaviour in the public? Were they frustrated because the BJP had little answer to the ruling Trinamool Congress's (TMC) polling machinery or is it the actor in them who wanted to play to the gallery? Either way, their rude behaviour deserves condemnation.

roopa ganguly

Roopa Ganguly and Locket Chatterjee are understandly frustrated with Mamata's show; but isn't there a way to counter it?

The Roopa Gangulys and Locket Chatterjees must be, like any other educated urban mind, feeling annoyed with the Mamata Banerjee administration's failure in areas like industrialisation, law and order and women's security. But these women leaders have very little idea of how to counter that and make a positive impact.

Be like Mamata first to beat her

To defeat a leader like Mamata Banerjee, one needs to have a base to work on and that base is not made in a day. Even a mass leader like Banerjee succeeded in toppling the powerful Left only after a decades-long struggle. She even had to survive physical blows in her journey to the success in 2011. [Bengal media's disappointing coverage of election 2016]

The actors on the other hand, jumped into the limelight with the help of the media, managed candidatures of a party which has little significance in the state's politics and went after the poll officials crying rigging on the election day. That is enough of shortcut to fame in politics but makes little change on the ground. How many rural areas have these two celebrity leaders covered? A few months ago, Ganguly was seen taking a vanity van with her during a rally. Well, Mrs Ganguly, that's hardly a way to deal with the TMC supremo.

Through the rude behaviour, these leaders are only imitating Mamata

If the Gangulys and Chatterjees feel the time is ripe to put up a resistance against Mamata Banerjee, they need to build their base first on which they can aspire to build the super-structure one day. Politics is a ruthless discipline and doesn't care for celebrities unless they know where lies the limit. These celebrity leaders basically imitated the Mamata Banerjee of the old days when she used to shout "rigging, rigging" after the Left bagged yet another election. That's an irony.

Losing patience in no time is no virtue in politics. If the two women aim to make a long career in politics, that is the first lesson they need to learn by heart. Shoving off people or giving a glare to the opponent make them misfit in politics. If the Opposition is running away with the votes, they must take the formal routes to lodge complaint, till at least their own charisma and party make any difference.

It was also surprising to see these celebrities, especially Roopa Ganguly, roaming around in her constituency on the election day---asking people to come out and vote. Being a celebrity, she should have understood that her presence could excite people and that in turn, could cause inconvenience to those conducting the polls amid a lot of difficulties. If they can not operate, these celebrities have little business to create problems for others.

Roopa Ganguly's arrogance was also telling

Even Ganguly's one remark about a poll agent "a mazdoor-type" speaks about the arrogance in her. Even if from the ruling party, she has no right to demean somebody in such terms. What big skill does she possess in politics we all have seen. It is better not to pretend as a Mamata Banerjee of the elite. That makes little sense.

Do the Roopa Gangulys and Locket Chatterjees know that the BJP will never want to see Mamata losing in Bengal?

These women leaders' so-called struggle against Mamata Banerjee also look a fake struggle because the BJP's top brass will never want the TMC to lose this election and pave way for the Left-Congress combine to come to power. There are a lot of political equations involved in this game which the likes of Roopa Ganguly and Locket Chatterjee are novice. [4 reasons why BJP will not want to see Mamata lose]

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