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‘Bash Pakistan, hog limelight': Know why Tarek Fatah is loved in India

By Vikas Sv
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Love him or hate him but you cannot ignore Tarek Fatah. Indian TV channels just love to have him in their shows as Fatah minces no words when it comes to Pakistan bashing. Although there is no dearth of 'Pakistan bashers' appearing on TV debates, what sets Fatah apart is that he is of Pakistani origin.

Canadian author of Pakistani origin Tarek Fatah

He is one those Pakistani origin intellectuals who are biggest critics of the nation. Fatah, in fact, was chased out of Pakistan for his outspokenness, views on the way the nation was being run and for questioning the basis on which the Islamic republic was formed. Fatah has now settled down in Canada and authored many books on the rise of Islamic Extremism and the threat it poses to the world.

A majority of people in Pakistan see him as someone trying hard to please BJP-led government in India. He also seems as someone backing right-wing politics practised by the current regime in India.

Just after India conducted Surgical Strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Fatah, in a TV program, said that India attacked its own territory, in a way endorsing that whole of Kashmir belongs to India.

"India did not attack a part of Pakistan, India attacked region which belonged to India but occupied by Pakistan. It belongs to India," he said in Aap Ki Adalat program hosted by well-known journalist Rajat Sharma.

From the partition, the creation of Pakistan, the two-nation theory, to the current leadership and politics in the Islamic Republic, he opposes everything. Being a staunch critic of partition, Fatah has said in multiple forums that it should not have happened and blames the elite few, including Jinnah, for advocating the two nation theory.

He has said it was unfortunate that "some" call "alcohol consuming" Mohammed Ali Jinnah as "Quaid-e-Azam".

He says that partition did not benefit the ordinary Muslims of the sub-continent but was instead a conspiracy hatched by few rich elite Punjabis to create a new state where they could dominate and exploit.

"The nation (Pakistan) was formed out of lies with hatred as one its foundations... Pakistan is an acronym it is not a nation," he said.

"Most of the wealth in Pakistan is in Punjab. They (the elite ruling class) want to hold on to power and they know that Pakistan is breaking into pieces," he added.

On Pakistan harbouring those preaching extremist violence, Fatah has said, "Hafiz Saeed is the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Syed Salahuddin is the defence minister."

"These people (the regime) are so cruel that they can kill lakhs of Bengali Muslims".

<strong>[Delhi police bust Chhota Shakeel's ploy to kill Tarek Fatah]</strong>[Delhi police bust Chhota Shakeel's ploy to kill Tarek Fatah]

He also spewed venom at Pakistani establishment for committing atrocities in Balochistan. He spoke on myriad issues, putting forth his bold views on several sensitive matters between the two countries.

<strong>[Chhota Shakeel ordered hit on Tarek Fatah: Hitman arrested]</strong>[Chhota Shakeel ordered hit on Tarek Fatah: Hitman arrested]

Can it be concurred from views expressed by Fatah that he represents a section of intellects in Pakistan who are now giving a serious thought on whether there was a major flaw in the ideology behind the creation of Pakistan and the way it is being run?

He has also time and again rated Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership highly and hailed India's focus on development. Is he the one, as alleged by some, trying to please the Indian establishment.

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